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  • February 7, 2011

DebateWall.comDebate Wall is self-defined as a blogging platform that lets more than one person author a post. The idea is that different individuals will be able to discuss the two sides of any given argument within the same space.

So, instead of having to open more than one window to learn what different people think about any given issue, the reader is presented with all the opinions that two debaters set down within the same page. There are no primary and secondary contexts here. Everything is placed in the same field, and it has the very same degree of relevance

Debates can be started and joined by just anybody, and the topics that are debated are so readily-made for discussion (such as whether Facebook or Google will dominate the Web) that I am sure people will feel inclined to have their say if they do visit the site.

And people are not required to create an account in order to debate – they will be able to use Facebook Connect to authenticate who they are, and start interacting with other users of the site right away.

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