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  • July 13, 2008

DebakeyDepartmentOfSurgery.orgSearching for information on new treatments for diseases? Looking for medical education and training? Maybe you are a patient and want to know more about the services that offers.

Then you might like to visit Here you will find relevant news on everyday medical concern. The site also offers Programs for undergraduates, medical students, and residents, offering them an eight-week surgery student program. There are also many activities available for health professionals, activities which are offered in the site. Once you have entered the site, you will find three different areas, each concerning patients, medical students or professionals. In the patient sector you shall be able to access to information on diseases and different medical procedures, about clinics and centres, among more topics. By entering the medical educational area you will find information on the residency and student programme, opportunities for physicians abroad, and other subjects. If you are a health professional you would enter the last area, where you can find continuing medical education, research opportunities, and other topics of importance. Enter and be informed.

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