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  • September 24, 2007

Near-death.comThis website focuses on near-death experiences and all that it implies. It was created by a man called Kevin Williams who describes himself as a middle-aged, computer scientist, cable news junkie, manic depressive, universalist Christian with Gnostic and Tibetan Buddhist leanings, former Montana cowboy, U.

S. Army veteran, social liberal, economic conservative, single Californian, internet addict, and last but not least, NDE evangelist. According to Williams, in this web site you will be able to find the answer to questions such as: “Who are we?” “Why are we here?” etc. His aim in life is to help people find some light in a world of darkness by exposing near-death experiences. He also claims that by reading this web site you will be able to understand death, and by understanding it, understand life.

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