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  • July 13, 2010

DearMap.comThose of you who played the timeless classic “Monkey Island II” will probably remember the scene in which Guybrush meets Wally the cartographer, and Wally’s retort as Guybrush remaks that he finds maps a waste of time, and that he prefer to ask for directions instead. “So did Magellan” comes the response from the diminutive cartographer, before he virtually rolls around the floor in laughter.

I find that quite illustrative of the two actual kinds of travelers that you can meet in real life: the adventuresome ones, and those who prefer planning everything as minutely as they can. If you fall into the second category, this site will be perfect for you.

Here, you will be capable of creating maps and adding as many directions and indications as you want. The aim of the site, then, is to let you have a full map to use as reference as you are driving, and one you have edited and customized yourself to the very last detail at that.

This service is provided absolutely for free, and once you have created an account you will be able to generate and save as many maps as you could possibly need or want.

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