More – Redefining Investor Relations

  • June 14, 2010

Au.DearCEO.netDearCEO can be defined as a specialized Q & A website where listed companies, shareholders and potential investors come together and interact without restrictions. The site enables CEOs to answer these questions that shareholders and prospective investors always ask directly.

And since the questions and answers are clearly arranged and organized the site stands as a true knowledge database readily available to each and every investor and potential partner.

In this way, the site offers something akin to unscripted interviews with CEOs, as opposed to scripted interviews by journalists and analysts – IE, interviews that often fail to touch upon these points that people are really interested in.

The way in which questions are dealt with is also very supple, as duplicate inquiries are filtered out before questions are sent to companies once a week. The responses are then sent to all registered investors, and this approach is a clear improvement over the regular system whereby only those who have access to featured interviews can get access to a CEO’s insight.

As a result, a resource like this one makes for discussion and collaboration among investors in the most straightforward and equalized way of all – everybody has access to the same information, and the directness in which questions are answered go into ensuring that only relevant items are dealt with.

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