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  • March 31, 2009

DealWaiter.comThis is a new site intended for those who want to buy something online and that have no problem waiting for a long time until that item or product can be procured at a discounted price. That is, on the site you can key in the name of the product that you are interested in (IE, “iPhone”, “Camera”, “Plasma” and so forth) and be notified when it becomes available.

Notification methods includes both e-mail and Twitter, and you can instruct the team for how long you want them to look up the item in question. Provided options include four weeks, six months and one year.

If you want to see which uses people are putting this service to you can always check out the “Recent Orders” link and see what others expect from it in due time.

This service, incidentally, is wholly inexpensive. If you want to try it you can do so right now and see whether it lives to its promise or if you will have to stick to traditional shopping resources instead.

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