More – Share Deals And Be Rewarded

  • August 5, 2011

Dealuv.comDealuv gives businesses a great chance to reach out to customers, and offer them their best deals in the one setting where everybody spends the most time nowadays: the social web. Dealuv stands as a true social marketing platform that allows businesses to publish promotions that get distributed to the Dealuv consumer base, and then spread virally all across Facebook and Twitter. The way everything is arranged, consumers are encouraged to share deals as widely as they can. They will get points for doing so, and these can be redeemed for gift cards and free vouchers. And Dealuv points are also earned for recommending the service to one’s friends, and encouraging them to register for it.

Of course, businesses that sign up for Dealuv are provided with rich insights and statistics, along with detailed consumer feedback they can use in order to begin offering more enticing deals all around.

And it’s important to mention that people can also redeem their points for donations to any of the multiple charities that are supported. Basically, 1000 Dealuv points equal a $10 donation.

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