Never Miss A Local Sale Again With Location-Based Mobile App FlashMap

  • January 23, 2018

Are you that person who, whenever a friend compliments your outfit, you love to brag about how you only spent $10 on the whole thing? Or perhaps you’re a college student or someone who’s otherwise cash poor looking for a way to still go out and be social with friends. Whether you consider yourself thrifty by nature or necessity, finding local sales and deals has never been easier than with the mobile app FlashMap.

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4 Steps To Become A Better Salesperson

  • September 26, 2013

Selling is the most basic and fundamental skill required for successful entrepreneurship. However, I’ve heard from many aspiring entrepreneurs who are scared to death of selling. What they don’t realize is that they’ve been selling all their life. In fact, all of us have been selling all our lives in some…


PickYourBid Is Shopping Backwards

  • September 13, 2013

While the internet has made shopping a million times easier in some respects (access to a greater number of products, lower prices, etc.) it also has its downsides. One of the major ones is that local retailers are finding it harder and harder to compete with the vast world wide web. How can you stay…


By My Word. By My Sword. Whoa, Why Not ByPact?

  • May 30, 2013

“It’s his word against mine.” How many casual agreements end at this sour impasse? Our best intentions and terms of our deals have a funny way of slipping the mind when the time comes to deliver on promises. The details turn sketchy, then relationships fray. ByPact offers a simple way to prevent oral…

More – is a Great Place

  • July 16, 2012 is where Canadian residents will find Amazon on the internet. Residents can view this site in English or in French. This website, like all of Amazon’s sites, is set up and looks just likes the American version No matter what you are looking for they will definitely have it. Whether you are looking for sewing machines or tennis rackets, they will have it.

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More – Social Network For Deals

  • February 2, 2012 gives you the chance to find great deals on the internet by relying on those who know how to do it best. Somebody is always better than the the rest at something, and when it comes to shopping and finding prices and quality products or services, it is no exception.

We always turn, in a group, to that person who stands out at something for some guidance on that issue. So in Shopience you can enter to follow many people who will use the platform to post a good internet deal he found browsing around. Maybe it is to buy great clothing, or a great dinner at half the price, or a music show you would have never payed attention to by yourself.

And as you can follow posts from others, you can post what you think is worth sharing so that others can benefit from your discovery. So we could say that is a social network specially made for sharing deals among like minded users.

The amount of categories in which you can find great deals here at Shopience is unending. From journeys, to beauty treatments or great deals on bookstores and pet supplies can be found. The tools provided by the site make for a good user experience, from browsing through the different categories or merchants, to a button you can drag and drop to your toolbar for sharing a deal when you find one.

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More – Find Out The Best Price

  • January 2, 2012

How can you know if you are paying a fair price for some product you are about to buy online? One way to get an idea may be to check in the most successful e-commerce sites, like eBay or But what if you are missing a better deal from a less popular site? is the tool that was missing on the world wide web to help users find the best prices for any product.

But is useful for sellers too. If you need to sell old furniture, a smart phone, or even a car, this webpage will help you to decide which will be the best price to set on your listing.

Thus, works as a price guide, and has over 130 million listings gathered from every selling site on the internet to give the average numbers that are being paid for any product. You will be benefited from listing your items for sale at regular prices that will guarantee the buyer’s acceptance and make the purchase. Also, when you need to buy something, checking the prices on Priceonomics will give you the confidence if you are paying a fair price for that listing you discovered.

Because of the popularity of e-commerce worldwide, it is more probable than not that you will end up buying anything on the web, because of the better prices you could find and also because of the comfort of doing it without leaving your home or your office. The more information you can have as a buyer, the more power you will have to get the best deals. And charging the right price when you sell anything does a lot for costumer satisfaction and confidence, increasing your chances to win that sale over other competitors.

All of this thanks to Because the site has just started, at the moment they give price estimates for a few categories, such as “Transportation”, “Computers” “Phones”, or “Gaming”. However, they aim to “cover just about anything you might want to buy or sell”. Great, then.

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More – Affordable marketing resources

  • November 25, 2011

Mogulfish.comHow can small businesses carry out a well thought marketing strategy without enough economic resources to do so? And without dedicated staff to perform that task? Often, marketing is done in and individual and amateurish way by those responsible of small businesses. wants to give the necessary resources for them to be able to compete in their marketing strategies with big companies.

They call it Do It Together marketing, which means that what a business can’t afford because of lack of time or money, it can purchase that same product by getting together with others in similar situations. The services offered through the site are varied and pretty much convenient. Maybe you need to print some brochures, but you are not the only one. So another business with the same need gets together with you and you find a promotion from a press that will print them for a lower price in case it is assured a minimum quantity.

The site includes a section with successful cases so you can get some inspiration. Also, you will find a bunch of possible ideas you can adopt for your marketing needs, and some articles describing the latest trends in everything related to internet sales and advertising.

The main feature that gives you is the chance to enter and look at services posted by different marketing providers who use different techniques. Designers, social network specialists, and many other pros will be offering their services at low rates. Thus, small businesses can get the advantages which they could not afford if they were hiring alone.

Also, a whole “Education” section will provide lots of interesting information for those who are less familiar with internet marketing.

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More – Visit Las Vegas

  • January 26, 2011

LasVentions.comLas Vegas is arguably one of the most appealing international destinations in the whole of the US. And if you have always dreamed of paying the famed Entertainment Capital of the World a visit, then this site is going to assist you perfectly. LasVentions cuts exclusive deals with hotels and entertainment providers in Las Vegas, and makes them available through its website.

You will be able to find everything from places to stay and where to rent a car to the best shows to attend, and in each and every case you will be able to get these services cheaper than you would by any other means.

The most popular Las Vegas shows and the most recent promotion codes are all highlighted on the main page. Check these out in order to start planning a perfect getaway.

And note that if you become a member of LasVentions, then you will have access to even more (and better) deals in the Capital of Second Chances.

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More – The Best Way To Find & Buy Tickets

  • June 20, 2010

Tickets.Gruvr.comIf you are looking for tickets for any concert or sports event and you want to avoid the hassle of manually comparing and contrasting prices, then a site like this one will be more than helpful. Gruvr Ticket Scout searches all the major online ticket marketplaces to find the lowest price for any given event.

It then proceeds to send you an email alert if the prices for that event happen to drop, so that if you didn’t buy the ticket the first time around because the price was something you couldn’t afford you will be able to buy it when it becomes less expensive.

The fact remains that ticket sellers cut prices drastically as the date of an events draws near. That is the way it always has been. Gruvr Ticket Scout is a service that truly helps people maximize and even exploit such a dynamic.

The way Gruvr Ticekt Scout is used couldn’t be simpler, as you only have to name your price for a specific event and provide your email for notification purposes. And the main page also offers an alphabetical index that will let you find artists in a direct and uncomplicated way.

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More – Accessing Coupons On Your Mobile

  • February 17, 2010

Cupoco.comA German startup, Cupoco is there to make the life of those shoppers that don’t go anywhere without their mobiles far more dynamic. In principle, it brings both vouchers and offers straight into the mobile device of the customer.

There are two incarnations of this solution, actually: one accessible from a website, and a client software which is usable both by iPhone and Android users. These coupons are presented to the user based on his current location, and the idea is to give him or her immediate access to appealing offers no matter where he is.

On the other hand, Cupoco provides companies with a coupon wizard and a template system so that the creation of a coupon is neither too taxing nor time-consuming. Companies also have the chance to track their campaigns in real-time, as a dashboard for analyzing every aspect of the campaign is provided, and its high and low points can be ascertained quite easily. Additionally, the life cycle of the coupon is traceable. This makes measuring the efficacy of any campaign just that little more convenient.

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More – Buy Products For Swimming Pools & Spas

  • February 17, 2010

PoolDeals.comPool Deals is a well-established retailer of swimming pool supplies, hot tub supplies & equipment. Its website will allow you to have a very good look at the featured items by way of a neat layout and clear categories.

These include “Aboveground Pool Owners”, “Inground Pool Onwers” and “Spa & Hot Tub Owners”, whereas the list of products touches upon items like filter cartridges and systems, chemicals, and fountains.

For its part, bargain hunters are well-advised to head straight to the “Deals Of The Week” category, as items that can be purchased at substantially discounted prices are listed there week after week.

Moreover, a “Gift Ideas” category will let anybody make up his mind when it comes to buying the right present for the right person through the site. Gift certificates are likewise available, and the site is very concise when it comes to describing how to redeem them.

Finally, once you have placed an order you will be capable of tracking it very easily through the site. Just head straight to the section that goes by the relevant name and keep your order’s ID number close at hand in order to learn about its actual status.

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More – Northeastern Ontario Trading Post

  • February 9, 2010
Do you live somewhere in the Northeastern Ontario area? Are you looking for a business or service in the local region? If that is the case, it seems like this website might be of your interest and use. is a site that offers free classifieds regarding the Northeastern Ontario area.

If you ever find yourself in a conversation in which the issue of a right to the point website comes up, you should mention as the one which better does this without hesitating. Really, you will find no graceful icons here, nor moving images. Neither will you see detailed fonts for the text of the site, but just the same font used by the Windows system texts. Is this a bad thing? That depends on your preference and on what you consider important on a webpage. Maybe that simpleness is precisely what makes it stay longer on the minds of users.

And besides, maybe the goal that the site proposes is achieved like this, so why do more. As the Rolling Stones sang “It’s only rock and roll but I like it” back in the seventies, maybe might say “It’s only text but I work fine enough”. The site is about classified adds in the mentioned area.

Buyers and sellers post simple messages about the products they are selling or which they want to buy and didn’t find. For example you could post a book you are searching for and which is out of print on regular bookstores, or which you’d prefer to buy used to get a cheaper price. If you want to sell some things you just write a description and provide your e-mail or phone number and that’s it.

Several categories are availabe and certainly you’ll find great deals. Some of the site’s sections are Clothing, Collectibles, Appliances, Books, Computers, Games, or Jewelry, to name only a few. Remember to stop by this website if you are looking for free Ontario classifieds.

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More – Learn About Savings Using Twitter

  • September 29, 2009

TweetMeSavings.comIf you are looking for a way to make it through your shopping list more or less unscathed, then this site will suit your needs quite minutely. In the most general terms available, it is an online resource that lets you know about any saving or product that can be bought at a discounted price which materializes.

Such a goal is achieved by listing popular tweets for discounts that are posted on Twitter.

On the other hand, the site is open to submissions by its users. That means those who are launching a venture of their own such as an ecommerce site can resort to TweetMeSavings in order to reach a wider public.

Browsing the featured tweets couldn’ t be easier – you can see the most recent ones along with those that are the most popular. It is always possible to visualize the ones which were aggregated over the last seven days and so on. And a cloud of keywords takes up a sizable portion of the main page, making finding the top deals an even-easier task.

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