More – Shop With Your Friends & Save

  • October 21, 2010

DealPair.comCollective shopping platforms are the order of the day, and Deal Pair is one of the latest to have surfaced. What it does is to match customers with deals from local merchants, and these deals are only valid if a minimum number of people buy what is offered (exactly a la GroupOn).

However, there is a major difference at play – these deals will be available not for 24 hours, but actually for three days. That will give customers a better chance to spread the word around, and recruit even more friends in order to purchase the item that is being offered.

As it is only logical, integration with Facebook is provided. The relevant application turns spreading the word about these products you like and getting the minimum number of shoppers for actually buying them into the same thing.

Of course, such an app can be used at no cost. And the same goes for the service on the whole. If you feel like testing it all firsthand, simply create your own account and begin thinking which friends you will contact first.

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