More – A Practical Way To Find Deals

  • December 7, 2010

Dealosaurs.comJust what the doctor ordered: a new aggregator of deals. Dealosaurs will let you find the spots in which the best bargains can be had in over 150 American cities. It culls its information from more than 30 different daily deal websites, and it serves the results using a logical interface. You can type the search term that applies, and choose the city where you are located for a full list to be reeled instantly. And you can likewise apply a lot of different filters to these results.

For instance, you can choose to have only the deals that are expiring soon displayed. And you can likewise visualize nothing but the ones that have received the best ratings from other users of the site.

Moreover, you can have deals filtered according to their price range, and to the discount that is being offered.

All in all, a site that will let you come as close as finding the perfect gifts for your significant ones this Christmas as you could possibly hope.

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