More – Your Own Live TV Shopping Channel

  • May 14, 2009

DealItLive.comThis new site stands as a unique platform both for online shoppers and sellers. Online shoppers can see the seller on a live video describing a product, and they can interact via live chat asking the seller questions on the product or things like: ‘Can you show a different angle?”, ‘Can you start up the engine of the car, I want to hear it.

‘, ‘Can you go back to the master room?’… This way, the buyer can develop a more trusting relationship with the seller, and even subscribe to his online show.

For sellers, it is an amazing tool giving them a ready chance to differentiate themselves from other sellers, to use unique promotion tools like having a subscribers’ club, private auctions to buyers they already know… the list goes on.

If products are not sold out in a live show, they can be relisted and found on the site as re-runs (on demand) and buyers can still buy the products via ‘Buy now’ feature or using a bidding system.

Registration to the site comes at no cost, and sellers are charged small percent fees if and only if an actual transaction is made.

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