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  • July 13, 2011

Deal-Umpire.comThe way things stand right now, merchants have gone from the obvious enthusiasm and interest that went hand in hand with the ascent of Groupon into a somehow wary (or less fervent at the very least) stance. Many have tried selling their wares on daily sites only to come out of the experience disenchanted. They end up selling nowhere as much as they expected to sell, and (in some cases) they wind reaching the wrong public. These are all inherent risks of the model, of course. Merchants have to be particularly cautious about where to sell their wares in order to see some real profits.

And the process of deciding which merchant to pick is something that this new website simplifies a lot Deal Umpire enables merchants to create a deal auction for daily deal webmasters to bid on it. The one webmaster that outbids the rest will walk home with the deal, and be able to feature it on its site.

In this way, merchants are guaranteed that the sites which run their deals are really committed and enthusiastic about what they are going to do. A service like Deal Umpire puts an end to the activity of deal sites that have been assembled haphazardly, and that run just any old deal without really stopping to think if it is suitable for them or not.

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