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  • February 26, 2010

BensOutlet.comDo you want to buy a 8gb mp3 player online? In that case, you should stop by and check the discounts they offer on mp3 players, digital photo cameras, iPods and other electronics. The Ben’s Outlet is an online store offering the best deals and discounts on electronics.

Some of the products available for sale on include 8gb mp3 players, digital photo and video cameras and cell phones, as well as led projectors, audio systems and more. On this site you can also check the different payment options available, and a list of featured deals.

Are you looking for an online store offering deals and discounts on 8gb mp3 players, digital photo cameras and iPods? Would you like to buy cheap led projectors and 8gb mp3 players? In that case, feel free to stop by On this site you will find the best deals on home appliances and electronics.

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More – Finding The Best Deals Around

  • November 12, 2009

TownHog.comYou can stop by to find the best deals in your location. Feel free to browse through this site, and find deals on restaurants, day spas, and shopping. You can search for deals on restaurants in San Francisco, including Thai restaurants. If you like Indian recipes or Thai food, feel free to surf on this site and find great deals. lets you search for the best deals on restaurants in San Francisco and many other US locations. You can take a look at the Thai restaurants in San Francisco, or search for restaurants with Indian recipes, Thai food, and other cuisine. On Towh Hog you can take a look at the recent deals featured on day spas, fitness, night life, and restaurants.

Take a look at and search for the best deals online. You can search for deals on restaurants in San Francisco, as well as for deals on day spas, retail, or casual dining.

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More – Buying Eco Friendly Products Online

  • September 28, 2009

Guffly.comBased in Detroit, Guffly is both a daily deal website and a community resource that revolves around eco-friendly products and a wide range of fair trade lifestyle goods that can be grouped in categories like personal, clothing, pet, home and office. A “Daily Guff” is always offered on its main page, and you can not only see the price but also the number of items that have been sold so far.

And as well as viewing each and every featured product, site visitors can read comments about it, talk with others and buy it on the spot.

For its part, a tab that reads “Past Items” will empower you to see past guffs, study how trends are evolving and stay ahead of fashion.

Note that to reduce its environmental impact and provide a faster all-around service to its customers, Guffly makes a point of employing drop shipping directly from suppliers. Obviously, a concept such as this one is integral to a green business model as lower shipping costs are offered (benefiting the customer) while carbon dioxide emissions are reduced in turn, and the environment is benefited.

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More – Monitor Daily Deals

  • April 22, 2009

DealSucker.comDealSucker is a well-focused initiative that lets users gain access to all the great one-day-deals available on a variety of different websites such as Woot, Shnoop, Yugster and related online destinations.

In case you are not familiar with the expression, a “Deal of the day” website is the one that sells just one product per day, and that product is always sold at a discounted price.

This site, then, provides instant access to limited-stock Deal-a-Day merchandise from one single place, as well as an auto-refresh option which provides up-to-date information on new deals and their availability.

Moreover, the site comes complete with an alert system that will let you know whenever an item that matches specific criteria that you have furnished beforehand surfaces.

Overall, DealSucker provides anybody with ready access to more than 300 deal-a-day sites in a centralized location. As such, it is definitely worth a visit if you are a bargain hunter or if you have to keep a firm eye on your wallet.

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