More – Monitoring Uptime & Downtime

  • June 24, 2010

DeadSimpleMonitor.comTrue to its name, Dead Simple Monitor is an application that will check your site at a set frequency and let you know if there is any problem that you should look into. Specifically, what Dead Simple Monitor does is to check your site every five minutes.

If something has gone wrong, then you are contacted directly in order to set everything to right in any of the three following ways: by email, by SMS and by phone. Of course, it is possible to be contacted in all three ways if you want to have your back covered at all times, even if you have gone for the basic plan.

The basic plan of Dead Simple Monitor, incidentally, gives you complete website monitoring by paying a flat monthly rate. It comes with an unlimited amount of alerts (SMS, email and voice), and it can monitor up to 10 URLs for you, and handle up to 10 different contacts. You can cancel or upgrade the plan at any time, and the first 30 days of the service come at no cost whatsoever.

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