More – Achieve Your Goals.

  • December 27, 2011

This turn of the year periods are those when as always, you set your goals for the new year. It is a very good thing to do, of course, but you and me know that more probably than not, no one of us will get to half of what we planned with so much determination on New Year’s Eve. So if you really wish to make a change, is the solution.

If you are willing to pay a high price in case of failure, that is. Because the system that uses is blackmailing yourself into getting the previously set goals. How? By uploading a compromising picture which you don’t want to be seen. That picture for which you would give everything you’ve got to make it disappear.

But once, somewhere, that picture was taken. So you can turn it on your favor to achieve the goals you really want to and don’t forget them. Well then, you’ve decided to take the risk, so you must now set your goal and give that picture to

Together with your goal, of course, tell which will be the deadline for getting what you want so much. If you don’t get there, your Facebook friends will tell this app that you have not reached your aim. In that case the compromising photograph will be published, and public exposure among your Facebook contacts will be enough punishment. Maybe you make it next time, but more probable the fear of this consequence will make you try really hard to get the goals you had set some time earlier.

Visiting will give you every detail you need for start using this feature, and start working on those things that are often left aside while striving for other issues in our academic or professional path.

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More – Do Never Miss A Date Again

  • January 29, 2009

DeadlineApp.comIf remembering things is not exactly something you do with flying colors, a visit to this new site might just be of help. Broadly speaking, this online resource can be compared with an online calendar that takes automatic care of setting up reminders for you.

These reminders are sent in the manner you specify beforehand. Some available options include e-mail and instant messaging.

Of course, once you have entered any event you can modify it later on and also erase it altogether, browsing either by words or by dates. Moreover, the Deadline interface can be customized with background images and color schemes that reflect your personality in order to make everything stand as familiar as possible.

An aspect that is important to point out is that a mobile version of Deadline is already available, and those on the go can access it by locating their browsers at SMS support is not fully implemented yet, but the team is working on that. Watch this space for future developments.

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More – Organizing Tasks For Corporations

  • November 8, 2007

TaskDriver.comIt is hard to complete projects and tasks in stressful and busy corporate settings. Communication and organization seem to be harder to achieve than they should be. offers corporations a solution that can help them deliver the results they want to their clients and create smooth communication and collaboration between group members. TaskDriver is a project management application that focuses the organization and completion of tasks. The application features a manager assignee relationship. Creating a task or project is easy and quick to do. The manager simply goes to the add task section, chooses the category, priority, writes a description chooses the assignee and creates a deadline. Assignees can see a list of their tasks and when they are due. Each member has a profile which they can edit. TaskDriver gives email notifications on the status and deadlines of different tasks. TaskDriver also features every individual’s task history. TaskDriver is quick and easy to set up so don’t waste time, use TaskDriver to organize and track your tasks.

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