More – Unlock Your Cell Phone

  • April 15, 2008

CellCorner.comFor some reason, mobile carriers insist in blocking phones so that they can’t be used to provide service to other companies, and though it may be a strategic business move for them, they will have to acknowledge that they are fostering a parallel industry of manufacturers and sellers of unblocking equipment, just like this site, which specializes in selling nothing more and nothing less than specific equipment to unblock sim phones for different brands from diverse countries, plus they sell remote unblocking services, applicable to selected carriers, where by typing in the IMEI number (similar to a serial number) and providing payment details you’ll get the unblocking code over your e-mail. If you work with mobiles frequently, you’ll probably be very interested in visiting this site, as not only do they sell unblocking equipment, but they carry a wide variety of repair tools and software for programming phones, changing the language and whatnot. also sells accessories, adapters, spare parts, data cables and even car connectors, which you can browse by car brand.

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