Dddone.com – A Very Simple Task Manager

  • July 9, 2010

Dddone.comHave you had it with these To Do applications that have a trillion fancy options and that don’t actually let you do what you mean to do naturally, IE setting tasks down and seeing how close you are to realizing them in practice? Well, this new application is meant for people like you, as it is one of the easiest that you are bound to find.

It comprises a series of editable fields for the name of the project itself and each actual subtask.

Once you have taken care of each individual task you can simply proceed to label it as done, and drag them out of view altogether if that is what you want.

And in addition to letting you create and edit a project as you see fit, you will be capable of sharing it with whomever you want – friends, colleagues, team mates…In that way, something as complex as collaborating with others is made not necessarily easier but at least more accessible for every person who is involved in the project to a bigger or lesser degree.

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