Dcyder.com – For Women In Need Of Advice

  • February 9, 2010

Dcyder.comDcyder is a brand new site that aims to let women young and seasoned alike convene online and answer questions collectively. That is, the dynamics of the site imply that one asks a question and the online community will then offer its insight.

The questions that are featured go by the names of “dilemmas”, and they range far and wide. For example, when I checked out the site these included “My brother has asked me to loan him money” and “Should I let my 8 year old daughter pierce her ears?”. And I don’t even have to tell you that dilemmas revolving around relationships topped the list – questions like “Do I tell my boyfriend I don’t like his gift?” and “What do girls find most attractive in a man?” actually make up the bulk of the content that users contribute to Dcyder.

True to the fashion in which Q & A sites always operate, the dilemmas can be voted by users. In that way, questions of general interest become findable far more easily, and they have a better chance of being answered satisfactorily.

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