dBuggr.com – Share Technical Knowledge & Be Rewarded

  • October 21, 2009

dBuggr.comIn a nutshell, dBuggr is an online community where people are rewarded for sharing their knowledge and insight. That is so because 50 % of the existing ad revenue is shared with users.

The actual way this is implemented is as easy as it should be – you create an account (for free) and then start interacting with others as you would do in any other site. The difference is that when the month draws to a close you will be paid for the mere fact of being a part of the community and having taken part of exchanges of insight right there.

Structurally speaking, there is nothing that would merit an elucidation. You have the most recent discussions highlighted on the main page, whereas you can also access random knowledge in the section that bears the relevant name. The most popular posts are also accessible all the time.

The ultimate aim of this site is to become an encompassing and open technical knowledge base to be used by technically-minded people from pole to pole. If you are one such individual, it might stand as an apt spot for you to put your skills into motion, and also to hone them further on.

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