More – Plan Your Days

  • July 1, 2011

DayViewer.comIf you can foresee a hectic week ahead of you, then a service like DayViewer might as well be what you need in order to avoid collapsing under a heap of responsibilities and schedules that run into each other. This new application combines a calendar with a task organizer that you can use in order to plan your every activity in all the days that are to come. And DayViewer doubles as a contact management application – by using it, you will be able to keep all your contacts neatly organized, and you will know exactly how to get in touch with all the people who are in your life.

And a feature that merits a mention is the ability to have reminders automatically sent to you via email when any important event comes around, or when it is the time to pay any bill.

DayViewer is a free app. Registration is quick and painless, you will be able to start using the application within minutes of having landed on the website.

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