More – Making For The Tracking Of Daily Data

  • July 30, 2010

Daytum.comDaytum is a platform that will let you capture and communicate the statistics in your life that mean the most to you. If setting down the time and way in which you have read the final book in the Harry Potter saga is what you want to do, this tool will let you take care of that, and also of having the information shared with others.

You can also keep track of the results of any sports event that means a lot to you, of the times in which your children began walking, talking, writing… the uses are as many as people who would actually try this system out.

And if you want to use this platform as a corporate tool, then that is also a possibility – the many ways in which information can be stored and displayed turn Daytum into a true tool for the logical presentation of data. You can create categories for each item that you are tracking, and have it all arranged into a way that everybody else will understand.

Daytum is available in two different versions: “Daytum Free” and “Daytum Plus”. If we are talking about professional uses, then the latter is the obvious choice – it lets you track an unlimited amount of items, and it also lets you have more of them displayed at the very same time.

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