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  • March 20, 2010

Daytrotter.comThey say nothing beats a young, emerging band and I think that is true in more senses than one. If anything, new bands are so exciting because they always have a phenomenal idealism and also quite a bit of naivety that must be knocked out of their systems.

Until that happens (because it sadly happens in due time), any young band thinks that it can conquer the world. And they play like they mean it.

If you are skeptical, I invite you to learn more about new bands right here on this site. It is devoted from start to finish to indie artists, and you can not only read profiles and listen to any of the featured bands’ music but also watch videos and interact with any band that you come across and like. And who knows, maybe if you are a musician yourself and you find a band that you like which is located in your close vicinity and which is a member short, you might approach it and start developing a new professional bond.

On the whole, the site is an excellent point of discovery. Music lovers and also managers looking for young talent will get something out of it for sure.

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