More – Chronicle Your Daily Life

  • March 13, 2010

DaytaApp.comDayta is an iPhone app that will enable you to track your daily life minute by minute. This solution makes it possible for you to register every single thing that you do during the day, and keep a detailed diary of everything that you have done from how many glasses of water you have drunk to how many times you have sneezed if you feel so inclined.

The uses something like this will have will differ greatly from one individual to the other, as some will put it to serious uses like keeping a close watch on any medical condition, whereas others will employ it to save their kill ratios in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Some of the categories that you can use to break down your activity include “School”, “Gaming”, “Health” and “Fitness”. You can create as many folders as you wish, actually, so that the “real” you is better-reflected. Note that data can be consolidated automatically, and that it can also be exported whenever you want via email. In that sense, retrieving it is easy no matter where you are, not to mention something entirely hassle-free.

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