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  • June 1, 2010

DayGrab.comThe basic premise of this site is actually quite novel. In a nutshell, DayGrab offers a homepage that can be designed by just any person who claims it for the day.

Once the day is over, the page can be claimed and designed again.

This can be used for just any old thing you could imagine – from telling the world at large that you have fallen in love with the most incredible person in the world to promoting any product of yours, it is all allowed.

The page itself can include text, images and videos, and you can actually create a pseudo-site by linking multiple pages together.

As I said above, the concept this site revolves around is quite novel. I didn’t use the word “interesting”, and that was deliberate. I don’t know how many people will be drawn to it for good. Personally, I really hope that enough people use it so that it can move into an ulterior stage – fresh ideas are not that commonplace nowadays.

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