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More – Microblogging For Traders

  • May 19, 2009

Quoqu.comQuoqu can be defined as a simple twitter-like system for traders. It makes for the ready exchange of ideas, and a chart/photo upload functionality is available along with user editable watchlists & full market data.

The main question the site revolves around is a simple and direct one: “What are you trading?”. A trading status itself can be updated in a plethora of ways in order to receive instant feedback, and Twitter is fully supported. That is, you can update your Twitter status at the same time that you update your Quoqu status via the provided control panel or your mobile device of choice.

In addition to that, the site includes both a chat and a forum for further interaction among site users. This way, every piece of data that is shared can be discussed and everything can be put into the appropriate context.

All in all, Quoqu stands as a valid way to access market analysis information and data along with charts, quotes and news. The concept of micro-blogging proves to be applicable once again to a specific industry.

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