Airbum.com – Resources For Flying Aficionados

  • June 27, 2008

Airbum.comA visit to the Airbum website is the order of the day for flying aficionados and budding pilots. The site is made up of a wide host of contents that cater for said individuals.

These can be accessed from the main page of the website, which can be reached at Airbum.com. By way of example, available categories include a pilots’ reports column where real pilot comment on what it feels like to fly unusual aircraft, and a broad specter of airplane photographs that show the aircrafts in all their splendor. Guidance is provided by a section devoted to “How-To” articles and flight training, whilst a series of novels which were penned by the webmaster can be procured online by following the respective link. These include titles such as “Cobalt Blue” and “The Stonewall Fire”, and they are books that place a strong emphasis on aircrafts. Lastly, a link to a blog which is kept by the webmaster and that provides further information is likewise provided. Airbum.com

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