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  • April 24, 2008

Davidmorgan.comDavid Morgan is a company that sells items that range from Pacific Northwest jewelry to clothes and luggage. Some available products include Akubra Australian hats, Filson clothes and luggage and Bosca leather accessories.

Other featured brands are Tony Perotti, Filson, Bosca, and Welch.

An advanced search makes navigating the site and browsing for specific items straightforward and uncomplicated, as the customer can set search parameters like brand and price range, as well as product flags like “Buy 3 pairs and save”. Likewise, there is an option to conduct a search by keyword, and should the customer still fail to find the desired item or items, a help menu is available and it clearly explains the nuances of the search process.

For those who can not make up their minds, there are gift suggestions available, along with a list of customer favorite items. It is also possible to join the David Morgan mailing list, and receive the latest news in your inbox. Davidmorgan.com

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