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  • February 25, 2008

DaveSite.comDaveSite.com was originally started in June of 1996 and it only consisted of just a few links, a compression benchmark page and a few parodistic top ten lists.

After the creation of HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners the owner of the site realized he would need his own domain if he wanted to run his site efficiently. Since that day, it has been a privately owned venture, supported entirely by advertising revenue. Advertising on davesite.com is handled through Burst!Media and ValueClick. At the site you will be able to find many categories such as: latest news; technology: CSS: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners, HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners, Dave’s Web Site Design Tutorial, Dave’s JavaScript Programming Guide, Web Site Creation – Create a Web Site for Free: The Seven Steps To Creating Your Own Web Site, Dave’s Beginners Guide to the Internet, The Compression Site, Guide to Speeding up Windows, Dave’s Recommended Mac OS X Apps, Checklist for Building Your Own PC and Dave K’s Technology Blog; humor; health and extras. DaveSite.com

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