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  • August 12, 2011

DatKey.comI recall reading an article recently that claimed Facebook was the new smoking. I think that’s absolutely true, and I’m sure many people would willingly echo such words. Yet, it must be remembered that Facebook is just one part of a whole phenomenon that is named the Social Web. Granted, it’s the most visible one. But there’s much more to social interactions on the Internet, and sites like Twitter, Flickr and YouTube play a role which is directly linked to the one played by Facebook itself. And I think that social interactions take up so much time of people’s lives not just because they are addictive, but also because a person active on all the sites mentioned above necessarily has a lot of filtering and searching of files to do on any given day. And sometimes it’s all to no avail – there’s no guarantee links once seen on Facebook and Twitter will be found again at a later date.

Well, that is exactly what this new service is here to fix. DatKey is an organizer of social data. Users of this site can create as many folders as they want, and have the media they enjoy accessing on Facebook, YouTube et all grouped there. And then not only check such data whenever they need later on, but also have these folders shared with everybody else.

Using DatKey costs absolutely nothing, and actually saving content to any folder is a cinch – you just click on the save button that you get when the app is running, and it’ll be immediately retrieved.

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