More – Find A Good Match Using Twitter

  • July 2, 2010

DatingTwitter.comIf you ever tried ChatRoulette looking for a match and found anything but it (which is not that difficult or unlikely given the uses most people put the popular random chat service to), you might want to try a site like this one. It is not that it is “better” or “worse”, it is just that the emphasis here is merely on dating and not on the wild “fun” that has come to define ChatRoulette.

This Twitter-based resource will let you get in touch with other people who are also part of the micro-messaging website, and who are looking for a relationship or a date at the very least.

The search process couldn’t be easier. You have to set down whether you want to find a boy or a girl, and then his/her age range. You can also specify the country you want your search to take into account (if you are not in the US), and an option as important as displaying only these results that come with a picture is also thankfully included.

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