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  • April 25, 2008

Thaikisses.comThai Kisses it’s an international dating service focused on Thai men and woman. This website is part of an international net that includes the same service but for Spain, Europe, China, Philippines, and rest of Asia.

It’s available in seven languages (Spanish, English, German, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Russian).For the rest, it works like a regular online dating services. You can search for men or woman, you see their pictures and you select on one. There you can see the peoples details like age, figure, country, marital status as well as comments by this person. To get in contact with this person you can, if you are a man, add to your contact list, and, if you are a woman, besides adding to the contact list send an email. Registering is free and easy; you just have to submit your personal details and interests as well as at least one picture.

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  • April 15, 2008

MegaFriends.comAre you looking for online matchmaking services? Would you like to meet other singles or make new friends online? If that happens to be true, might be of your interest. This website offers online dating services totally for free, so you will be able to chat with other people, search for profiles and more. provides online dating services totally for free, including instant messaging and video chat rooms. You will have the chance to upload and check photos and profiles, as well as to participate in forums, and access virtual gifts. In addition, you can filtrate your search by age range, country and state.

Therefore, whenever you need resources and information about dating online, is the site to stop by. With this website you can meet singles and make friends online, easily and for free. So, remember next time you need of free online dating services.

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More – A date Service

  • March 5, 2008

ReviewsMatter.comAre you a person who is currently single, and have tried all of the dating alternatives with no luck? Are you tired of wasting your time registering in dozens of pages which claim to be able to find your soul mate, and want to know something more about these? If you are looking for reviews on the various online dating sites, then you might want to take a look at this site and see what it can do for you because it could be just what you are looking for. The website features reviews about online dating sites, not only giving a text description of each site but also rating them in various areas, such as the number of members, the quality of the customer service, the price and many others, thus giving a comparison aspect to the reviews.

However, three reviews is all the site has to offer, resulting in a very limited site which might not prove itself useful until some more reviews are added. So if you are planning on joining a date service, you might want to check the reviews on this page, since they might help you make a choice.

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More – Meet Singles with Tattoos

  • February 25, 2008

TattooSinglesNet.comTattoos are often regarded as the most extreme form of art, and if you think about it closely, considering that you have to choose some design or message that will be a part of your body forever, it is a rather profound feeling, and so it seems sensible that at long last a Social Networking/Dating Service for tattoo enthusiasts popped up. TattooSinglesNet.

com is a part of the network, and joining it is free for the time being, though for a limited-time offer, as the network’s services are paid. Joining the site is very easy, as all you need to do is fill in a 15-cell form, and then upload photos of yourself, and probably you’ll like to include some of your tattoos as well, and then you’re ready to start meeting other people who share the love and appreciation for this very special art form.

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More – Meet and Love Interracially

  • February 20, 2008

InterracialMatch.comWe all have our preferences in terms of looks –there’s no denying that— and many is the case of people who fancy African-Americans, Asian-Americans or people from different cultural background from theirs, so here’s a social networking and dating service that helps those who rather interracial love. Joining the service costs somewhere in between $11.

95 to $29.95 monthly, depending on how long your membership lasts, however you can try a free membership with very restricted features (you can’t even IM other members!). Interestingly, the site seems to give lots of priority to its members privacy, as you can’t browse profiles of photos unless you are not a member, but you can read some of the member’s blog posts without registering, which I reckon is quite a good thing, as you might be compelled to join this social network based on the intelligence of those remarks and not on the looks of the people who belong to it, so there’s some good change to traditional dating services.

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More – Find Your DNA’s Better Half

  • December 23, 2007

Scientificmatch.comThis real-life site is a dating service that promises their customers to retrieve the perfect DNA match for them, not in the politically incorrect and freaky sense that you can choose to create picture-perfect babies out of reasonably handsome DNA (that idea was already taken, it seems) but out of immunological differences. After all, if you are going to spend the rest of your life with that special DNA someone, you wouldn’t like that person to suffer the same ailments as you do… right? Here’s how this picture perfect bizarre system works: people submit a sample of their saliva and create a profile of personal values and interests.

After that the data gets registered to try and see if there are any immunity and interests matches. The candidate gets supplied with three prospective couples, they get to choose who they’d like to get in contact with and then meet and hopefully start dating like any average person. For this service, subscribers get charged $2,000 yearly; however the first three matches are free.

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More – Get Crushed or Flushed

  • December 16, 2007

Pc.crushorflush.comCrush or Flush is originally a mobile social network that aims to have users giving positive or negative votes to each other (crush or flush, respectively). The idea behind this somewhat random dating service is that users upload their photos to the mobile (and now pc) platform and rate each other; if two users coincide to crush themselves they can text or contact each other.

In order to start crushing or flushing you must be over 18, sign up as a member and create a profile and tags that describe who you are and what kind of stuff you like or who you are interested in meeting. After that’s done, you can start crushing or flushing people whether it is on the internet or on your mobile phone.

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More – Helping You Find True Love

  • December 13, 2007

Lets101.comAre you looking for a dating site? Would you like to find singles online? If that is the case, could be a good option for you to consider. By registering on this dating site, you can search for a single woman or single man, depending on your interest. is visited by those who want to find love online. You just have to register on this site to start sending private messages, making posts, and viewing photos of other users. Lets 101 is a singles network dedicated to help you find your perfect date. Keep this site in mind, in case you want to meet new people for online dating.

Do you feel lonely? Are you interested in dating online? Feel free to stop by to find what you are looking for. On this dating site you can look for singles who are also interested in online dating.

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More – Daily Mirror Newspaper Homepage

  • December 9, 2007 Daily Mirror is a UK daily tabloid, that is: a newspaper mainly focusing on News, Sport and Showbiz. At Mirror., the online version of this publication, you will be able to find the same stuff you’d get in the print version, but updated throughout the day, so you can closely follow the lives of showbiz stars and social scandals, plus several especial online-only features, like browsing historical frontpages (The Mirror is being published since 1903), or you can buy a copy of the paper of your birthday, take a look at the star columnists’ blogs, use the date service (3m+ users), get discounts and coupons or subscribe to get news alerts in you mobile phone, or even discuss any of the paper’s stories in one of the several forums the site hosts, plus several other features.

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More – Meet Singles

  • November 18, 2007

By entering you will find a place to meet people and if you are lucky enough start a relationship. Like general dating sites, the aim is simple and clear enough. What Datehookup offers its users is the best experience in online dating. Or in online meeting for later having real dates.

For a start, Datehookup’s service is completely free, taking care of your wallet in the first place. This doesn’t mean though, that Datehookup’s site will be fool of ads everywhere for keeping the free service. It is really quite clean of unwanted banners, pop-ups and any other kind of commercial messages.

The site has four major sections which are “Search“, “Online“, “Join“, “Forums“. The first one of these is where you may enter your search criteria by filling some boxes with the main information of your search, such as the sex of the person you look for, his or her age and you geographical location. This search engine, anyway, can be used by registered users, so you won’t have much use there until you create an account. “Online” and “Join” take you to an identical page fro creating your user profile, so it seems that some work needs to be done there. To have your account you’ll need to fill in a username, choose a password, and enter your e-mail adress (only for private use). To finish the registration you must choose your date of birth from a drop down menu in the three corresponding boxes.

One of the most interesting features offered by is the “Forums” page, where users can take part in group conversations with other members of the site. These forums are organized in three main sections, which are “Dating”, “General”, and “Help”. In the first one, such topics as relationships, sex and dating, sex and dating chat, or general dating discussions are only some of the ones in which you’ll be able to participate.

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More – Free Dating Service

  • October 17, 2007

Would you like to meet other singles online? If that is the case, could be the right site for you to visit. It will be helpful to you as a good free online dating service to meet other singles easily. Searching for singles is a widespread practice since the internet has been around, and this site could be worth a try due to the care they take in making it good at a few important issues.

First of all, the service is 100% free, with no hidden fees. Besides this, the site is free not only of charges but also of spam. Every fake profile detected is deleted and banned. Finally, a great amount of users join daily, making it a crowded database.

This site was created to give free online dating services for men and women, to help you find the kind of partner you need. Although some people are not keen about finding dates online, in the end it is just another way of meeting a person among many others. In addition, there are different benefits provided by when it comes to searching for single people for free. The search engine allows you to choose gender, age, and other details in the advanced feature.

But is not a simple database of registered users, it is more than that. The free online dating services come together with other appealing options, such as a section with date ideas, tips on how to act during the first date and on how to keep your safety. A forum is also included for users to share experiences and comment with each other many different themes.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to search for single people, you will find a good site to visit. Take a look at this site to use the latest online dating services for free.

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More – Live, Love, Learn

  • October 15, 2007

www.True.comTired of being alone? Want to meet someone? Looking for your soul mate? If so, this is the site you have been looking for. They are dedicated to provide people with a securer and smarter method of finding their soul mate.

Become a member in order to use the advanced search to find someone near you, create your profile to attract compatible matches, and take their exclusive compatibility test which identifies more than 90 different factors found in successful relationships. One of its main attractions is that they give their members the possibility to use their chat room which includes video chat and private chat. You’ll also find a magazine with useful information on dating, romance and relationships, and tips & advice.

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More – Dating Service

  • October 15, 2007

www.Date.comAre you single? Looking for new friends? Want to meet someone who wants to share the rest of his/her life with you? If so, you need to visit this site. Date.

com is a free online dating service dedicated to help singles meet other singles looking for friendships, love, romance, or marriage. By becoming a member you can start meeting singles near you or from around the world. Still not sure about becoming a member? Then, just check out their success story area, where you can read stories from people like you who found the perfect match. If you want to stay connected with millions of other singles, don’t forget to download their free toolbar which gives you lots of other benefits, including instant alerts, getting the latest news and love advice, appear on top of the “who is online” search, among others. They also offer chat rooms not only for heterosexual people but also for gay people.

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More – Free Online Dating

  • September 12, 2007

Watiti.comWatiti is an online social networking community that connects people from all over the world. Watiti members can view each others’ profiles, communicate with old friends and meet new friends on the service, share photos, post journals, write comments, and describe their interests.

You can see from your network who are online and interact with them. You can also check out who’s been looking at your profile. Look for the current, new and upcoming events in your area. Browse and attend a variety of events throughout the world. Add, edit and delete events/ads and send them to your friends. Their advertising forum allows you to add, edit and delete classifieds easily. You can search or browse with short text advertisements organized by category. You can also filter ads by location, categories and many more.

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