More – Copyrighting Your Own Creations

  • April 15, 2010

DateTimeSign.comIf you have been around for some time, you will probably remember the old trick that was used to prove that you were actually the creator of something like an idea for a book or movie, and which involved mailing yourself a copy of the script or the MS and keeping it unopened. When you did so, you had an official way to prove that the idea came to you first in case someone you submitted it to claimed authorship afterwards.

This site made me think of all that since it is a system you can use to prove that you are in fact the copyright holder of any work by applying a timestamp it. This service can be used when it comes to copyrighting websites, designs, songs, poems… Appling one such timestamp couldn’t be easier – you just choose the file that you want to copyright from the ones hosted on your HD, and it will be added to it after a short process. The timestamp is digitally signed with the file’s digital fingerprint, and the exact date is pinpointed. Once created, a timestamp can be verified independently by just anybody.

These timestamps can be brought through the site in four different packages, ranging for “Single” (where only one timestamp is provided) to “Pro” (where you purchase one hundred timestamps – useful for corporations and organizations).

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