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DatasheetLib Takes Google Out Of The Equation

DatasheetLib Takes Google Out Of The Equation

If there is one truism about the changes that the internet has wrought on how we make money, I’d say it’s the fact that you can now structure an entire business on a very niche market. The startup world is full of small companies that target groups with very specific needs, simply because the presence…

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Wondergraphs enables professionals to build striking reports using all the data they have in their hands, in a way that is both fast and comprehensive. Using the provided interface, it is really simple to feed all the relevant data into the application while choosing the exact way the information will be plotted and graphed. Users can have all their data exported both from excel files and Google spreadsheets, and also link to standard...

Read More – Looking Up PDFs With Ease

TypePDF is a new search engine that will enable you to look up and download PDF documents and data sheets in a direct fashion, and at no cost whatsoever. This particular engine scours open Internet resources like blogs, forums and bulletin boards in a bid to come up with the exact file that you are looking for, or with something very similar at the very least. Forthcoming enhancements are going to include live PDF previews within your...

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