More – Animae Fan Site Provides Informational Service

  • August 22, 2012

With AniDB, fan followers of the Japanese cartoon animation genre known as anime can keep track of their favorite films and shows at This is a non-profit outfit whose main purpose is to be a database that is open to all for access for reading, adding information, or editing existing information on these film titles. Registration is open to everyone, and users are encouraged to contribute. One of the features that caters to the individual user is a personal list capability. Called Mylist, it is an online list that each user can maintain for tracking what shows and films they’ve already viewed from the dizzyingly long body work that is available. The creator(s) of this site tout the fact that users will no longer be subject to the problems associated with using a freestanding software program to maintain their own database.

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More – Enjoy Some History

  • August 17, 2012

The website is a resource that serves as an aggregate for a wide range of archival information. On, users have access to records that date back to the beginning of the United States. Visitors are able to explore and research this history by sifting through photos, documents and all kinds of different records. The national archives are incredibly large and filled with a history that has endured for hundreds of years. Not only can you look up information from past census archives, but you can also request specific military records and find out all about the history of the United States Military.

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More – Vacation Villas Database

  • March 24, 2012 is a company which was born out of what economists call market failures. Based on the idea that people make the smartest choices when they must look after their own money, consumer habits tell us the value of products. This applies to all situations, from buying a cup of coffee to renting a villa for your holidays. Market failures happen when people cannot make the right choices because something stands in the way. One of these failures is lack of information. If people can’t tell for sure the quality of the product or service in which they’ll spend their money, they’d rather not spend it at all. As a consequence, whole markets and industries can disappear.

As agents for clients in search of holiday villas, the guys from got constant requests but could not find a way to keep up with that service. Looking for properties that could interest their clients was quite hard in itself, but to make things worse, when they did find something, they could hardly trust the pricing and commissions that they were asked to pay. More than often, this happened because the representatives offering properties for rent where agents who worked for the owners themselves. Not knowing whom they were really dealing with, they didn’t know if the numbers of that deal were fair ones. Because of this, they chose to deny requests for that particular service.

So they came up with, a platform which connects business to business operators in the industry of holiday villa renting. Using Iavra, client agents will be able to get in touch with agents from many places around the world. Although the whole world is not covered yet, it seems the company has the will to get that far. The map featured on the site shows you which countries that are already covered.

The features offered by the service are quite appealing. As a client agent, you can send electronic brochures with pictures and floorplans of the properties you’ll be offering, and these can even come branded with your company’s logo. Villa agents get a very easy and quick uploading tool with no delays, that will allow them to make their properties known to potential clients.

So whatever party you belong to in this industry, your business will certainly benefit from’s services. There are no hidden fees, prices are fair, and the company doesn’t charge commissions.

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More – Create Your Own Sites Database

  • February 8, 2012 is a tool that lets you keep information you come across while browsing on the internet. It is really useful for saving things that you’ll want to check later. Imagine that you are in a hurry looking for some information but the search gives you a result of a movie you did not know about. You are interested in it, but you can’t grab a pen to write down the basic information to find it later. You could cut and paste the URL to a Notepad file. But you will be able to do this only a few times.

After that, you’ll have a cluttered desktop with txt files coming up from everywhere. So Saveandsearch gives you a way to generate your own database of internet websites. No matter where you are, you will be able to go to your account from every computer with internet access. Once there it’s easy to see the info you saved.

To edit or delete saved items you can log in using your Google or Facebook account, which really simplifies things by not making you go through a registration process. It is needless to say that you can save what you want from every web browser, just by visiting

Although the website’s design seems to be a good one, users might get disoriented by not having any contact information, nor an “About us” section telling us a little bit of the story of who are the people behind this project. There are so many new websites appearing every day that a bit more of information could help any project to stand out a little bit.

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More – Free Quality Wallpapers

  • January 28, 2012

Wallpoper.comIf you’re looking for wallpapers to give your desktop a touch of class (and you really should if you’re somewhere other people can see your screen) then I’ve got the perfect site for you. Wallpoper has a huge database of wallpapers that you can download and use completely for free. This database can be quickly browsed by keyword, and a simple search term will produce many pages of results for you to pick the one that best reflects your interests. And then, you can filter wallpapers based on their color and their screen resolution. You can pick the color by using a handy tool that lets you move a slider around until you find exactly what you want, and change the color variance.

And as far as picking the resolution goes, you can choose from all the standard and widescreen resolutions available. Mobile resolutions are also supported. And Wallpoper can figure out which resolution you’re actually using, just to make things easier for you.

The Wallpoper database is really large, and it includes mostly anything that could be deemed of general interest. Vehicles, landscapes, technology, sports… it’s all found on And this database grows daily, so make a point of checking it regularly to see if you find something new that catches your eye.

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More – Daily Deals And Social Coupons

  • January 27, 2012

CouponSlap.comA site like makes looking for social coupons and daily deals not only easy but also lots of fun. has got a database of deals that’s updated daily, and that can be searched by keyword. You can save the ones you like and manage them using the cool interface you get on the site (check it out here). This interface lets you manage and edit all your coupons and links in a breeze. And it also makes for sharing these deals that you see and wouldn’t really use yourself, but that would be just perfect for any of your friends.

CouponSlap is free to join and use, and if you don’t have the time to search the database for the best of the best coupons then there’s no need for you to move past the homepage. All the best coupons and deals are listed there, so finding the most interesting coupons in all of the featured categories is a piece of cake.

On the other hand, if you’re a business owner looking to promote your new products then you can submit your coupons to the database. The submission process is basic and straightforward, and your coupons will go live for others to use them and (hopefully) tell their friends about them.

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More – Online Open Database

  • January 23, 2012

Fluidinfo.comFluidinfo is a database that’s created and kept by people like you and me. Anything that exists can be added to this database, and other people can tag it. You can add people, cars, houses, movies, books… it can all be added to Fluidinfo, in just one click. People can browse through this database in the same way they would browse through a site like Wikipedia. And anything that’s added to the Fluidinfo database can be tagged with a value. This makes it simple for you and the people who look at your entry to rate it. If the object’s a magazine article or a blog post, then it’s really easy to say how much you’ve enjoyed it. And the same goes for any other person who uses the site, he’ll be able to rate the product or concept being discussed.

In any case, you’re the only one who can change the way in which a tag works. If you’ve set a value, only you can change that. People who want to rate the object you’ve added to the database have to go by that value.

If that were all that Fluidinfo could do, then it’d be an interesting platform for knowing how people from all over the world feel about anything that matters to you. Yet, there’s a lot more to Fluidinfo than that. The service comes with an API, and lots of different apps and browser extensions. These make for creating queries that “normal” search engines could never handle.

For example, using Fluidinfo you can easily find out entrepreneurs who are working in areas such as social networking or location-based services. It all boils down to asking something like “Which entrepreneurs are working on location-based services?”. And you can even ask which successful entrepreneurs are working there. Provided they’ve been rated by people, Fluidinfo will be able to find that out for you.

Fluidinfo is also useful in lots of other different settings. You can use the service to pull information from services like Twitter and Facebook, and find people who have got a set Klout range or who get lots of retweets/shares every day. And also, to filter people out from search results.

Fluidinfo is largely the work of entrepreneur Terry Jones, and the startup has been no less than 15 years in the making. The conceptualization period alone took the best part of a year. But it’s just now that Fluidinfo has really begun picking traction. It was demoed at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2010 (and met with a lot of interest), and it raised two rounds of funding in 2009 and 2010. Something tells me this is a service we’ll hear a lot about in the not-so-distant future.

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More – Only The Best Apps

  • August 20, 2011

Mevvy.comHaving to sit down with a friend who has just bought his first computer and explain to him all the apps he should make a point of getting is hardly anybody’s definition of fun. But a friend being a friend, we just have to soldier on and do the best we can, even if that means we’ll be left completely jaded at the end of the day. Or will we? This new directory is here to turn that into a thing of the past.

Mevvy gathers together nothing but the best apps that can be found online, and has them arranged into the following ten different categories: “Photos”, “Print”, “Profile”, “Security”, “Social”, “Media”, “Tasks”, “Text”, “Video” and “Website”. And all of the featured apps can also be searched alphabetically.

So, the next time a friend who is anything but tech-savvy rings you up and tells you “Hey, I’ve just bought a new computer! Can you lend me a hand, and show me all the best tools I could get for it?” then you can easily excuse yourself by pointing him to this site. You will be preserving both your sanity, and his friendship. Talk about killing two birds with the same stone…

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More – Analyze Data Sets

  • August 17, 2011

InfiniteGraph.comA service that has been released commercially after being in beta for the best part of a year, InfiniteGraph enables companies handle large datasets by identifying the true connections between nodes and edges in real time. The idea is to turn the procession and analysis of the kind of datasets that go with government intelligence, social networks and location-based services into something that takes nowhere as much time as it used to take before. InfiniteGraphs’ main objective is to let users gain a true competitive advantage in markets that are characteristically crowded, and stay abreast of all the latest trends as they manifest themselves.

InfiniteGraph makes for feeding data from multiple input streams using parallel data loading and accelerated ingest, and data models can actually be viewed, verified and tested by way of user-customized approaches.

One of the most commendable aspects of InfiniteGraph is that users are enabled to do all of the above without needing re-engineer their databases just to benefit from the technology – all the data can be mined using the provided graph API.

InfiniteGraph is available both as a free and as a licensed service, and it is interoperable across Linux, Windows and Mac OS/X. And pay-as-you-scale and usage-based billing models are also available.

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More – Email Campaigns Examples

  • January 7, 2011

Emailium.comThe creation of a successful email campaign is a challenge that not everybody is up to. I am unsure to which degree such a shortcoming can really be addressed, but if I were to pick a site that could help struggling web marketers then I would surely go for this one.

Emailium is a database of email marketing campaigns that just anybody can browse. The objective of the site is to let those who are yet to devise a fruitful campaign see how people who are more skilled approach the task at hand. They will get to learn what must be conveyed and how, and then try to replicate such a MO.

As I said above, I am not really sure how much can someone learn from something like this. But I give Emailium a full thumbs-up, if only because it aims to serve a very valuable purpose, and there are just no other sites that collect the information that it collects in such a logical and ordered way.

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More – A Worldwide Database Of Places

  • September 22, 2010

Locationary.comThe creator of Locationary defines the site as the most comprehensive database of worldwide places on the Internet. He makes a very interesting analogy, and one that really holds its own: if Facebook is termed the White Pages for the digital age, then Locationary stands as nothing less than the Yellow Pages.

The idea of the site is to become the spot in which businesses can create their own profiles and become reachable by just everybody. And since these profiles are meant to be created and maintained by the owners of the businesses themselves, the information is always going to be up-to-date. That’s only natural – it’s in their best interests.

If you have a local business, you already know how difficult is to become findable through search engines. And the smaller the place you live in, then the more difficult it gets to become noticed online.

Besides, a system like this one can be used by landlords and homeowners who want to give their property more visibility. And we haven’t yet mentioned locals who want the places they live in (and adore) to be well-represented online.

And the whole way that this database has been structured means that users are rewarded for their activity. For example, the first person who adds a specific place to the map receives a financial reward. And those who update places are also rewarded for their efforts.

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More – The Definitive Database Of Products

  • September 21, 2010

Dukten.comDukten aims to become the ultimate online encyclopedia for products. The whole site has been created in order to gather together the unique codes that identify any item, be it a book, an audio CD or a foldable chair, and give customers a rich overview of the product in question.

For example, on the site you can enter the ISBN for any book and learn who was the author and who published it. On the other hand, you can enter the product code for any digital camera that you want to buy and be able to read all its specifications directly.

Besides, the information that is featured on the database can be edited by users. That only makes perfect sense if you think about it, really – something aiming to cover all the products that can be purchased in every corner of the world could only be built with the collaboration of users. People are enabled both to edit information and to add new products themselves in order to make the provided database stand as something more representative.

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More – All About Every Kind Of Vehicle

  • August 30, 2010

Vehibase.comThere are databases of just every nature online: movies, computer games, recipes… Some are more useful than others, but they are all equally interesting. Vehibase certainly is.

It is a database that gathers together information about all kinds of vehicles in a single, unified place. The project has just started, and the database already features almost 10,000 different vehicles. These include everything from cars and bikes to vessels, trains and helicopters. The way this new project is headed, every kind of contraption is bound to be included on the site at one point or the other.

The main navigation menu features a series of icons representing each category of vehicle that is featured, and all the top manufacturers are grouped under the menu that goes by the same name.

The most recent activity is highlighted on the main page, too. You will be able to see what pictures have been added since you last checked the site on the spot, and if you spot anything that seems interesting then you will be just one click away from knowing more about that particular vehicle.

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More – A Smooth Way To Track Your Employees

  • August 18, 2010

BambooHR.comBambooHR presents itself as a web-based application that will let you keep track of your every employee. Through the site, you create a database that you will be able to access from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

In this way, you will centralize the data of your employees, store all their vital documents together and (ultimately) be able to streamline reporting processes.

The main strength of an application like this one lies in the time that it will let you save, and in the fact that the whole platform is accessible 24/7 from just anywhere. Also, BambooHR comes with an intuitive interface that will let you (or the person you assign to the application) get to grips with it all pretty quickly.

Four plans are already available: “Basic”, “Plus”, “Pro” and “Power”. They come with support for an increasing number of employees (from 50 to 1000) and also increasing storage (from 100 MB to 5000 MB). There is also a free plan that is limited to 10 users, but that will let you get into the swing of things quite well.

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More – Bring Your Database Into The Cloud

  • April 9, 2010

FathomDB.comFathomDB announces itself to the world as “the easiest and best way to run a database on the cloud”. It makes such a claim based on the fact that it takes the concept of databases and propels it into the cloud, effectively turning the whole premise into something comparable to databases-as-a-service.

These databases have two immediate defining notes. First of all, they are relational. There is nothing to learn or rewrite if you are used to working with MySQL or any other standard format. And secondly, they are fully scalable. As the one implementing the service, you will be charged only for what you actually use – there are no up-front costs at all to be met.

Also, as every other cloud service that is available today the technical aspects and the actual running are something you don’t really have to care about – the company takes care of the setup, the backups and the daily monitoring of data. I advice you to give the “Pricing” section of the site a look in order to determine if such a service would be good value for money, or if you will keep on dealing with information the way you have always done.

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More – Ranking The Internet

  • April 5, 2010

RankDirectory.orgWebmaster who want to promote their websites and take care of their websites’ SEO are never short-changed, and that is a fact that this resource makes all the more evident. Entitled Rank Directory, it stands as an aggregator which is fueled by users and that collects websites ranging far and wide into a host of categories.

These include “Arts”, “Business”, “Shopping” and ”Sports” to name just four that I am certain the vast majority of readers will be interested in. Needless to say, each one of these categories is actually subdivided into others. For instance, the “Shopping” subcategory is split into others like “Auctions” and “Antiques and Collections”, whilst the one named “Sports” is broken down into “Adventure Racing”, “Airsoft” and so on.

A category that I found very interesting was the one named “Reference”, as it had an “Ask An Expert” subcategory that yielded some very interesting results.

At the end of the day, the appeal of this site to casual users lies in direct proportion to how new they are to the Internet, and how much they want to broaden their horizons. You are the one who knows best, and if you feel like opening up to new sites and services then heading here would be a start on the right foot.

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More – The Creation Of Databases Simplified

  • April 5, 2010

InfoDome.comInfoDome is a new webware application that will let users create a database about any topic that they are interested in, either professionally or personally. Anybody will be capable of exporting actual numbers and figures from any spreadsheet application he works with regularly (think Excel) and then come up with relational reports.

Forms are likewise created with the utmost ease. And once they are ready, you can proceed to embed them into any other site of yours.

In that way, you can effectively bring the information collated through InfoDome into any other projects you have your sights on. And the full range of tools for analyzing data which are provided can but enable you to maximize the information that you have gathered.

A solution like this one also simplifies collaboration with others considerably – you will be able to dispense with mailing spreadsheets back and forth. Everything is hosted on the Web, and as long as your collaborators can access the Internet they will be able to access the database and modify it for all to see.

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More – Real Estate Data Made Smooth

  • March 16, 2010

retsCloud.comFittingly enough, retsCloud is self-defined as a “hosted Real Estate database”. That is exactly accurate because both web developers and Realtors who employ this solution will be able to access Real Estate data using a direct mySQL connection.

In that sense, the data is accessible from any website without you (as the one who is hosting it) having to worry about setting up servers and the way they are run, or about updating the database once it is up and running.

Further functionalities include a XML download option, whereas a Joomla component is also underway. That will enable listings in any site which is powered by Joomla to come alive with features like a map search and a condo display option.

A fact is a fact: Realtors have to handle such an amount of MLS listings that it defies the imagination of the majority of people watching from the outside. This service aims to provide them with some respite, and if you are one chances are any of the four featured plans will cater for your needs.

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