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  • July 2, 2008

Widgenie.comWidgenie is a data visualization tool geared at non-tech folks. It allows bloggers, businessmen, housewives, priests, anyone basically, to create widgets or visual information charts for publishing on the web’s most popular sites like Facebook, WordPress and iGoogle.

Users can import data from Excel spreadsheets, CSV files and data feeds from Widgenie’s partner sites. After the data is input, it can be customized via a drag and drop editor—no coding whatsoever is required. Colors, size, headings, fonts and more can all be customized according to user preferences. All changes can be previewed within Widgenies viewing window. On the social side, you’ve to a community forum called ‘Inside the Lamp’ where you can find tips, advice and buzz about new widgets and tool developments. There are tutorials to guide you through making your own widgets, and if you need extra help you can always consult the Widgenie community.

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