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More – Technology Solutions For Businesses

  • July 16, 2012

AMAX delivers computer technology solutions to companies large and small in countries all over the world. From server systems to data storage, all of the company’s services can be found with in depth descriptions at AMAZ has more than 30 years’ experience in the computer technology manufacturing business, and is consistently ranked number one in its field by top industry publications. Services are custom tailored to each client, from the size of the hardware being installed to the number of technicians on scene to assist with installation. In the Case Studies section, read about a variety of different companies using to find technology solutions that fit their needs. You can access testimonials from past and current clients to hear about their success.

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Using Evernote To Make Your Business More Efficient

  • May 4, 2012

How you store, access and use information can be expensive and frustrating. Compatibility issues with different operating systems and equipment also makes it a hassle and not a convenience. That is why the users of Evernote are singing the praises of this software because it lives up to what technology is supposed to do “simplify your life” and if you are a small startup you will wonder how you lived without it. Simply put it organizes everything you do whether you are on a Mac, PC, online, your iPhone or Android and you can access the information anytime. 

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More – Improves Your Game

  • January 19, 2009

IndiaKhelo.comIndiaKhelo is an organization working in order to make Indian Sport more competitive when it comes to participate in any international events, like World Cups or the Olympic Games. This solution was developed to make an important impact in benefit of Indian Sports Community.

IndiaKhelo online allows users to meet nearby like minded players, as well as to create real sports teams for sports like cricket, football, tennis, etc. By making your team you can also challenge other nearby teams, and play matches whenever it is convenient for you and them.

This solution also allows you to upload your match results, as well as getting performance and honesty ratings. The IndiaKhelo academy is based on a franchise model, where schools, colleges, corporations, etc, will manage their players’ verified profile throughout India.

Through this initiative local grass-root players will get a chance to play organized matches, participate in local tournaments, get authentic ratings on their IndiaKhelo profile, and become a newborn sports-star. IndiaKhelo is the first ever sports firm that aims to improve the sports culture of India by igniting locality based healthy competition.

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More – Secure Your Mobile Info

  • October 4, 2007

Synkia.comSynkia is an information management service for your mobile phone, which lets you backup information about contacts, schedules, notes, and messages should your phone choose to kick the bucket unexpectedly. To use Synkia, sign up for the service, enter in your phone’s model info, and send an SMS to Synkia’s number.

Synkia will then send you a message with your phone’s configuration information, and you can begin backing up your information. All info is transferred wirelessly; you don’t need to plug in your mobile device anywhere or download software. You can also use Synkia to synch data across multiple phones so that they all contain the same information. To modify or add to your Synkia information on one or more of your phones, just log into Synkia and the next time you synch, the changes will be transferred to your phone(s). Synkia works with all SyncML enabled phones, including most models from Nokia and Sony Ericsson, newer phones from Motorola and Siemens, and some models from other manufacturers.

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More – Save Your Data Forever

  • September 25, 2007

iForem.comNow that most of our photo albums are saved as JPEGs in our computers, we no longer have to worry about losing our prized albums in a fire or flood, but now in a computer crash. It only makes sense to have a back up for this information, and obviously not just pictures, but financial information, and number of other important documents.

With iForem you can simply email all of your documents that you need saved directly to the server where it will be saved and only can access them. What is truly unique about iForem, is that the payment that you make is a one time fee for them to save that information from you forever. What you choose to save with iForem is referred to as a vault. You can purchase storage spaces from 20MB to 1GB for life from the company.

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More – Keep Your Life in Order

  • August 23, 2007

PogoNotes.comThe people at PogoNotes have an alternative for those of you who are constantly scribbling down phone numbers, names, and to-do lists on the back of your hands. PogoNotes are a new way to keep track of everything that, well, you have to keep track of.

Operating on an AJAX-enabled note server, PogoNotes lets you write down anything you would ever possibly need to remember and store them by categories. When you’re ready to look at your notes, they are easily accessible with a single click. You can also tap into PogoNotes’ advanced features to share your notes with your friends or browse notes shared by others. PogoNotes can help you to remember things both on and off your computer; PogoNotes has both desktop downloads and a Mac OS and iPhone widget. Not a Mac user? PogoNotes has a Firefox download, and will soon be available for all major browsers. Downloads and site registration are free.

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More – Google’s Got Competition

  • August 23, 2007, as you may have noticed, has a very cute, yellow elephant mascot. That elephant is a very apt representation of what Hadoop deals with, namely large amounts of data.

We’re talking about petabytes here. Hadoop’s end goal is to store and process these petabytes of data that’s been distributed across a lot of computers and use it for search purposes. The open source project is currently being backed by Yahoo in hopes that it will gain the top position in the search field. Basically, Hadoop wants to out-Google Google. Hadoop, in order to accomplish its goals, utilizes MapReduce and HDFS to divide applications into smaller work blocks. HFDS creates replicas of those blocks for redundancy purposes, and places them on compute nodes so Mapreduce can process the data. All of this is to say, that Hadoop is good at what it does, and could potentially contribute to Google’s wane.

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More – Comprehensive Online Data Storage

  • August 21, 2007

DigitalBucket.netIf you are the type of person who loathes globetrotting with your storage card for fear of losing it, the DigitalBucket team has a solution for you. The beta release of their online data storage application lets you upload and manage all of your files remotely, exactly as if you were on your own desktop at home, eliminating the need for online file transfers and large email attachments.

You can actually create new files and modify existing ones, and share them with friends, family, and business associates. You don’t even need to be registered with DigitalBucket to access and view files, so you can share your data with literally everyone. The application’s privacy controls let you decide who sees what, and when they see it. Registration is currently limited with the Beta version is still in its initial stages of development; though accounts are free, they are limited in space storage.

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