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  • May 23, 2008

Mdk12.orgHow to evaluate student’s knowledge has been always a discussed topic. It is not easy to evaluate their skills separately; neither to find a way to be objective and not practice favoritism.

In order to elaborate an accurate evaluation has created a solution to help both students and educators. The site was originated as part of the Office Educational Research and Improvement. Their aim is to help school analyzing their assessment procedure, for this to be fairer and equable. They have developed some methods to do so; for instance, they encourage educators to register and elaborate data-based instructional to take better decisions. At the web site you will see five main sections: assessments, data analysis, instruction, school improvement, and user guides. On the instruction section there are different links, such as: early education, voluntary state curriculum, toolkit, mathematics, science, professional development, teaching and learning, etc. Their monitoring tools include: understanding and communicate your target, engage staff in analyzing your data, etc.

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