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GardenOfSpeedin.com – Car Accessories And Gifts

  • July 22, 2008

GardenOfSpeedin.comAt gardenofspeedin.com you will find lots of car supplies and accessories, as well as other miscellaneous stuff.

On the main page of the web site there is a navigator bar on the left side containing their products. This latter includes: auto accessories, classic style stereos, car gifts, books and manuals, car clothing, etc. The car clothing section contains Chevrolet racing red jackets, Chevy bow tie jacket classic, Cutter and Buck Blackcomb Fleece pullover, and many more. The clothing sizes range from S to XXXL. The books and manuals you can found are basically parts locating guides, manuals on CD-ROM, new books, etc. In addition, there are many car gifts, such as: bar stools, folding chairs, wall clocks, classic car screensavers, classic gas pumps, pedal cars, lighting, models and replicas, mirrors and signs, cue racks, dart cabinets, etc. The classic style stereo section includes stereos for old cars, CD changers, kick panels, and dash and rear speakers. GardenOfSpeedin.com

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