OneBigU.com – Save Darfur and Get Some Answers

  • February 5, 2008

OneBigU.comWanna help save Darfur? Here’s an easy and painless way: check out OneBigU.com, a site that’ll help you find the answers you’re looking for.

OneBigU (the U is short for university) is like it sounds—a sort of worldwide university to help students find the answers to their questions. If you were ever stuck on a homework problem and couldn’t find the answer anywhere, OneBigU can help. Sign up and ask, or answer. Users can vote for which answer they think is best or most accurate. It’s a veritable sounding board for students.And it’s helping to save Darfur too. OneBigU has partnered up with the Darfur non-profit, Help Darfur Now. Each answer contributed to the site and voted Best Answer earns you small amount of money. You can choose to donate towards helping Darfur or withdraw the money. The amount of money you earn depends on ad money generated from the site.

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