www.PoweredByDanger.com – Social Network

  • February 17, 2008

www.PoweredByDanger.comPowered by Danger is a social network that was launched to accompany the mobile software company Danger.com.

Users of Danger products such as T-Mobile’s Sidekick and hiptop, can apply to the new social network to find out about new products, check out the latest Danger news, and meet other users who use Danger products. At the site you will find other features that include blogs, media sharing, discussion forums, and friends. Moreover, at the site you can create your own blog or if you desire you could even collaborate on a group blog. In addition, the site offers a catalog where you can go shopping and get the latest games, backgrounds and apps. This is a site that focuses on urban lifestyles, hosting hiphop video contests, celebrity sightings, fashion talk, and related issues. So if you like to be part of a community PoweredByDanger.com is the perfect site for you. www.PoweredByDanger.com

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