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DailySMS.com – Thinking In Positive Terms

  • February 18, 2009

DailySMS.comWhen half the sky is overcast, what do you think: “It’s a pity, half the sky is cloudy”, or “I’m glad that half the sky is visible”? It would be desirable to adhere to a stance like the second, and if you feel like looking at the brighter side of things and need being maneuvered into that position to proceed on your own from there, this service might be of help.

Basically, DailySMS is a service whereby self-improvement affirmations and inspirational quotes are put your way, and sent to your mobile device through text messages.

These affirmations differ from other self-improvement products such as books and DVDs in the sense that they are more immediate, and the format accommodates users that have complicated schedules and can’t afford to sit down and watch a video for 2 hours or attend a day-long seminar.

All in all, if good vibes and positive thinking are what you sorely lack, then a visit to this online resource might be what you need to create a sense of positivity and look straight ahead.

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