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YouChecks.com – Manage Your Daily Routines

  • January 25, 2011

YouChecks.comYouChecks is a browser-hosted application that you can use to manage your daily routines, or all these things that you do regularly. Through this site, you will be able to create checklists for all your repeating tasks, no matter which frequency they have – weekly, quarterly, monthly… And YouChecks also makes it possible for you to add action items that are tied to a specific month only.

Doing exercise, watering the plants, meditating, reading for half an hour each day, updating your own blog… these are the kind of activities that you (as a user of YouChecks) will be able to track. And YouChecks can be accessed on mobile phones with the same ease and practicality that you can access it on the Web.

YouChecks is a free app. You can register for an account and start using it to the full almost instantly. And another definitive plus: a lot of languages are already supported. These include Spanish, French, Russian, Croatian and German.

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