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WriteForTen.com – Hone Your Writing Skills

  • January 12, 2010

WriteForTen.comThis is one for all aspiring and practicing writers out there. We can define it as a writing project in which there is only one rule to be observed: once you have joined in, you have to write for ten minutes daily.

No more. And no less. The idea is to develop a habit of daily writing, and let you figure out how to turn your ideas into words.

Of course, a premise such as this one will test your writing skills to the limit as it is one thing writing when you simply feel like doing it, and it is another writing each and every single day. It’s like kicking the ball around the park once in a while with you friends and playing a match every day. Not everybody is really capable of making the jump, and you don’t know until you actually try.

Truman Capote used to say that discipline itself is the biggest part of success. This site can be counted upon in order to acquire healthy writing habits, and maybe – just maybe – start negotiating the publishing maze until you arrive at the end of if with one title under your arm.

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