How Writing Daily Can Improve Your Life

  • October 29, 2013

We all know that our well-being plan should include eating right, sleeping well, drinking plenty of water, and making time for your nearest and dearest. But word has it that when it comes to increasing our happiness and well being, there’s a new kid in town. Daily writing. According to psychological research…


Artdaily.org – The Fine Art Source and Online Newspaper

  • August 16, 2012

Artdaily.org is the source for news on art, exhibitions, events, artists, and more. It is the first fine art newspaper on the internet. Established in 1996, ArtDaily features a collection of museums, artists, photographers, and galleries. Are you searching for a particular artist? This website will provide you with the information you are looking for. When you find the artist you are searching for, you can click on the name and be taken directly to their personal website. This is the same for photographers that are listed on the site. A graphic gallery is displayed and for each image shown the artist’s name appears at the bottom of the page. Since art is a major part of history, ArtDaily includes a section for special reports that include upcoming exhibitions and the location.

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Astronet.com – Astrology for All of Us

  • August 8, 2012

Http://astronet.com is all about astrology. What do the stars say will be the influence today? Who will you be compatible with in work, love, and spirit? Astrology.com has many people rearranging their day to fit the way their horoscope says the day will go for them today. Astronet.com will give your free daily horoscope whether you are an Aries, or you a Sagittarius or something in the long list in between. Your daily horoscope and more are ready for a free reading at http://astronet.com.

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LazyMeter.com – Achieve Daily Goals

  • November 15, 2011

LazyMeter.comSome say the best way to get things done is by taking care of them one day at a time. If you set your mind on multiple things that are to be done too far ahead, then your ability to focus can but suffer. It’s much better to go slowly, and get these things that really matter done one by one. And LazyMeter has been created to let you do that, to let you focus on individual tasks and have them completed one by one.

This new Internet tool lets you create one daily goal after the other, and work on each of these in order. The idea is that by slowly completing these small tasks you’ll get to achieve your big personal and professional aims without even noticing.

You won’t ever get anxious, and you won’t ever get stressed about all these things that lie ahead. It’s a (much) healthier alternative to these web tools that let you plan everything in so much detail that it’s going to be a problem. I mean, the more you plan something then the more likely the plan is to be disrupted by chance, isn’t it? So, why bother?

Registration to LazyMeter comes free of charge. You’ll be creating goals and tracking your progress in the blink of an eye. And a mobile application is going to be released shortly, too. Both iOS and Android are meant to be supported.

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365.io – Your Life As Seen Through Daily Photos

  • December 21, 2010

365.ioWhat would happen if you took a single picture each day for a full year, and had them all uploaded chronologically to the Internet? Would that be a fair reflection of the year that has gone by? Well, 365.io will let you find that out. It is a photography website letting you upload a picture each day only. You sign up for the service, and then each day at midnight a free slot will become available for you to upload the picture of the day.

When the year comes to a close, you will be able to look back on it by going through all the photos that you have uploaded. Obviously, you can also review all the pictures that you have taken whenever you want and see how well (or not) you are headed. And 365.io has got a whole social angle which means that you can share the pictures that you have chosen to upload with any friend of yours, and receive their jokey/serious comments in return.

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Laalo.com – A New Daily Deals Site

  • November 25, 2010

Laalo.comLaalo is a new daily deals site that hopes to leave its mark by offering only cool products to those who decide to shop through it. And there is not a lot more to say about the site itself, I am afraid. It works like any other site of this nature that has hit the Web ever since GroupOn started making waves and the concept of social shopping was redefined for good.

The main page lists the deal of the moment, you are told how much time you still have to place a bid, and you are clearly told how much you would be saving if you do purchase the item. Note that prices do not include shipping – that is calculated separately. But you are always told how much you have to add to the final price, so that is OK.

Ultimately, the true usefulness of the site will boil down to what you consider cool and uncool. If you think that buying a radio-controlled helicopter or the entire ninth season of Smalville is the pinnacle of coolness, then this site will suit you fine. If not, then there is plenty more fish on the sea to fry, my friend.

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Scoutmob.com – Coupons Straight On Your Mobile

  • July 22, 2010

Scoutmob.comThere are fewer ways of getting local coupons straight on your mobile as direct as Scoutmob.com. On this site, you can pick the city he lives in by clicking on the marker that applies within the provided map, and then learn about the coolest deals that can be had there. If what you see is something that you like, then all you have to do is enter your mobile phone number and you will get a coupon in exchange.

This can be instantly used when you walk into that store – just check the expiry date of the coupon first, because they all have an expiry date. And bear in mind that one coupon is valid for one user only. But that is basically all you will have to look out for when using Scoutmob. A coupon you get through the site is a coupon that you are using in the most comfortable way of all.

San Francisco, Portland, Denver, Chicago, Nashville, Boston, New York… all these cities are actively supported. on Scoutmob.com. And more are being added at a steady rate, so if yours is not supported yet chances are it will be before too long.

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Lootmore.com – A Cool Deal Each Day

  • July 9, 2010

Lootmore.comAre you looking for cool deals online? Then, Lootmore.com might be a useful site for you to visit. The services provided by the site give you the chance to search for special deals online every day. You can get online deals such as usb coolers, mini usb to normal usb and more.

Additionally, the site will let you learn everything about usb connections, cool gadgets for your computer like usb fridges and others. You can use Lootmore.com to search for online PC gadget deals. The website will let you browse for many deals and all sorts of USB connectors ranging from fridge usb to warmer usb gadgets.

Therefore, next time you are looking for online deals every day, feel free to stop by Lootmore.com. Remember, whenever you need resources and information regarding USB gadgets such as coolers, warmers, hub connectors, mini usb for your computer, this site can be useful.

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DayGrab.com – The Site Of The Day

  • June 1, 2010

DayGrab.comThe basic premise of this site is actually quite novel. In a nutshell, DayGrab offers a homepage that can be designed by just any person who claims it for the day.

Once the day is over, the page can be claimed and designed again.

This can be used for just any old thing you could imagine – from telling the world at large that you have fallen in love with the most incredible person in the world to promoting any product of yours, it is all allowed.

The page itself can include text, images and videos, and you can actually create a pseudo-site by linking multiple pages together.

As I said above, the concept this site revolves around is quite novel. I didn’t use the word “interesting”, and that was deliberate. I don’t know how many people will be drawn to it for good. Personally, I really hope that enough people use it so that it can move into an ulterior stage – fresh ideas are not that commonplace nowadays.

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2DailyDeals.com – A New Daily Deals Website

  • March 30, 2010

2DailyDeals.comI think that daily deals sites are incredibly popular if only because they add an element of excitement to the whole process of buying anything online. In a certain way, they resemble running into a store and coming across the product of your dreams at a price that is unbeatable.

And in case you have never tried one before, this is as good a way to get started as any other. It is a site in which cheap items are listed for 24 hours only. If you see something that you like, then you just move fast and buy it.

2DailyDeals mostly lists electronic items, and that might not seem like the deepest bin available but you have the added advantage of knowing what it is you are going to find if you head straight to the site.

Ultimately, websites likes this one thrive because it is always best to offer one good product at a great price than lots of iProducts at prices which are unreasonable. These sites are the one true alternative to online retailers awash with overpriced items, and I am certain that we will keep on seeing a hefty number of related resources come along. I am also very keen on the way the concept per se will evolve.

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DaytaApp.com – Chronicle Your Daily Life

  • March 13, 2010

DaytaApp.comDayta is an iPhone app that will enable you to track your daily life minute by minute. This solution makes it possible for you to register every single thing that you do during the day, and keep a detailed diary of everything that you have done from how many glasses of water you have drunk to how many times you have sneezed if you feel so inclined.

The uses something like this will have will differ greatly from one individual to the other, as some will put it to serious uses like keeping a close watch on any medical condition, whereas others will employ it to save their kill ratios in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Some of the categories that you can use to break down your activity include “School”, “Gaming”, “Health” and “Fitness”. You can create as many folders as you wish, actually, so that the “real” you is better-reflected. Note that data can be consolidated automatically, and that it can also be exported whenever you want via email. In that sense, retrieving it is easy no matter where you are, not to mention something entirely hassle-free.

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Feedera.com – The Best Of Your Feed In Your Inbox

  • January 16, 2010

Feedera.comI know that Twitter can be addictive, but it is important to draw the line somewhere. You shouldn’t spend the livelong day tweeting in and out, but if you have to owing to you occupation, (IE, marketing director of a company) you might as well get some tools in order to make it all a smoother task.

And the one I am going to introduce you to right now is interesting enough to merit a glance or two.

Named Feedera, it can be succinctly described as a personalized Twitter digest. That is, if you give this tool a try you will receive a daily digest in your inbox that showcases the best of your feed. In that way, you will start the day on the best possible foot since you will have read the content that is relevant the most without having to spend the best part of morning scouring that information manually.

Such a service is definitely interesting. If anything, it will let you save up time that can turn to be vital at the end of the day. And although I mentioned the example of people who have to undertake marketing duties, I think we will all agree this system holds something for all and sundry.

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Top100Gadgets.com – The Latest Gadgets Only

  • October 8, 2009

Top100Gadgets.comAs you already know there are so many gadgets released that it is actually impossible to know about every single one. However, this might be your next destination when you try to find an online resource that supplies information about the most valuable and interesting gadgets in the market.

An interesting thing about this site is the fact that it functions as a ranking. In general, you will get the top 100 gadgets related to anything you can imagine in the technological world. For instance, if you are looking for an audio gadget, you will certainly find it on this site. Other gadgets are specially developed for video, internet, audio and more.

Therefore, if you want to know more about the iPhone through comments about its 3GS features for video recording and voice control, as well as its 32GB of storage the site will let you know what the customers think about it because there is a section that was especially developed for that.

The site has different sections where you will find the products ordered by rank and you will be also able to suggest or dispute different gadgets like the Samsung’s LN52B750 LCD HDTV or the revolutionary Palm Pre. There is another section that will be interesting for you to join a number of discussions on different products you will certainly enjoy. In essence there is not much more that could be said about this site. For more information about its many features and products you just need to give it a visit at Top100gadgets.com and inform yourself that way.

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Alternative Healing – HomeopathyPakistan.Blogspot.com

  • September 3, 2009

Alternative HealingHomeopathy is a very good way to treat different illnesses. This great science was developed by different science and medicine men that wanted to treat different pathologies in an alternative, essential, and more long-lasting way.

This blog was created by a Pakistani doctor that wanted to create consciousness about what the homeopathic treatment is all about. There are not many online resources like this that will giver you this kind of data and you know it.

In addition to different services you will find very useful and interesting tips about homeopathy that will help you to have a better quality of life. Find more information about it at Homeopathypakistan.blogspot.com Alternative Healing

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InspireMix.com – Find Your Inspiration Everyday

  • August 28, 2009

InspireMix.comYou might think that this is quite a peculiar website because it is simple and does not have many sections. However, Inspiremix.com can be defined as a useful resource of material you can use when you run out of inspiration in order to create a design.

If you are a designer looking for material to enhance your creativity you must stop by this site and click on any design you see to learn more about creative web designs, as well as wordpress themes, and more.

In case you are in the search for logos or graphics, this is going to be a site you need to save on your list of favorites. There are different options you can explore when trying to have the creativity boost you need to start or finish any project you might be working on.

Do you need some inspiration to create any Web and Flash Design? In that case Inspiremix.com will be the right place for you to take a look at a variety of Portfolios from highly qualified artists that will also give you the help you need regarding typography and much more.

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Health – Healthy-LifeStyle.Most-Effective-Solution.com

  • August 21, 2009

HealthYou already know that health is an important aspect of your lie that responds to many factors. There are different blogs and site where you can be exposed to useful data about how to take care of your health and this is one of them.

If you want to change your life style in order to be healthier and feel better, this is going to be the right blog for you to eat healthy food and find interesting tips for you to exercise regularly. Be smoke-free, and get the adequate amount of sleep hours to de-stress. Do you want to get consistent health information? This is a credible source of information that will be useful for your daily decision-making. Health

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TweetsAndTreats.com – Keeping Track Of Twitter Contests

  • August 17, 2009

TweetsAndTreats.comContests on Twitter are becoming something more and more popular as time goes by. It is nothing surprising, come to think of it.

As Twitter keeps on going meteoric simply anything that is related to it is bound to tag along for the ride. I know some people who have their qualms as regards contests on Twitter as they feel that they are a sort of digressing element, or (if you wish) something which do not really add anything to the basic concept of tweeting. I tend to disagree, as Twitter is but a communication tool, and any message that is conveyed via Twitter is putting it to its intended use, notwithstanding the actual content of the message.

Seeing how contests are becoming so popular, then, a place where the user can learn where the best and most legitimate contests advertised currently on the Twitterverse are is a good bet. That is exactly what this website is all about.

The dynamics of the site are not that difficult to assimilate – the most notable contests are detailed on the opening screen, whereas you can browse older contests using the provided search tool or browsing date by date. A direct tool indeed. Check it out if you are known to tweet your days and nights away.

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A Democratic Blog – DailyKos.com

  • August 3, 2009

A Democratic BlogDo you like politics? Are you interested in getting information about politics and its influence in anything that is related to society? In that case you can stop by this blog and learn more about an online political community that has an excess of 2.5 million unique visitors.

You can think about this blog as a campaigner center.

In fact, this is a Democratic blog and it has articles written by important political figures like John Kerry and as well as the president of the United Sates of America Barack Obama. This is a self-defined democratic blog that was created in order to achieve one main goal: electoral victory. Find more information about it at Dailykos.com A Democratic Blog

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TheStimulist.com – Your Daily Dose Of Optimism

  • May 25, 2009

TheStimulist.comIf you are looking for a good way to kickstart your day, this online resource will be perfect for you. It aims to give anybody a stimulating dose of news and related contents, hence its name.

The site itself is updated daily, and it has six different main sections. Since these are the backbone of the site, it is worth going through them one by one.

First of all, you have the most recent news. These include both national and international coverage. In second place, you are provided with an idea to consider. When I last checked the site out, that section discussed the advantages of green tea. Next, you have a section which is named “Person To Know”. This is nothing more and nothing less than a profile of a person that the site’s author (Mr. Carlos Watson) deems interesting. The fourth section is entitled “Thing to try”, and its names speaks for itself. When I checked the site out the daily thing to try was “Show A Soldier Some Love”. The two final sections are named “History To Remember” and “Note From Carlos”. The former offers insight on some issue or matter from days of yore, while the latter is devoted to the webmaster’s opinion on different issues.

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