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  • February 9, 2008

Daewoous.comThis site is the official site of Daewoo Cars in the United. Here you will find all the information regarding to Daewoo vehicles.

You just have to select a model and a picture and description of the car will be displayed to you immediately. If you want to buy a Daewoo car, you can locate a dealer near your area by entering your zip code and city; you can also find certified pre-owned cars. In addition, the site offers information about the company itself and if you wish you can apply for a test- drive of their cars and also you can shop for car parts and accessories If you already own a Daewoo car, you have a special section in this site that provides you with many services and useful tips. You can also request a brochure, apply for credit or shop accessories here; the site has a “special offers” section where you can take advantage of lower prices. You can also build your Daewoo car according to your own taste at the “Build” section; first you select your model and trims, then the accessories and you will see the finished vehicle and how much it cost. Daewoous.com

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