Draftexpress.com – US basketball portal

  • October 27, 2007

Draftexpress.comIf you are a basketball fan, draftexpress.com is going to feel like heaven to you.

Featuring extensive information in all major leagues (NBA, NCAA, High-school, D-League, international), the site gathers an impressive amount of information, news, comments and a guide to theme-specific and trendy sports blogs. Unlike similar sites, this page keeps record of all is ever published, so it is a great online archive, which is sure to be convenient for amateur players and journalists, and pros as well, as it includes several kind of stats (as in players, offensive/defensive, tear or coach) and other useful information, like body build and basic data on players, plus practice schedules and more. You can choose to register as a site member (it works like a social network, as you get your own profile and interest tags) and enjoy some of the fun of the site with other sports lovers, and discuss all of basketball related stuff online or offline.

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