More – Synchronizing All Your Contacts

  • September 21, 2010

Cyncz.comAddress books have come a long way, and they keep on becoming smarter by the day. If you think about it, that had to happen.

Just think of all the different contexts in which you can befriend people and interact with them online that we have today, and it will dawn on you that the only kind of address book which is any good is the one that can take care of updating itself, and checking for duplicate entries as thoroughly as possible. And if you find that your current address book fails to deliver that, then CYNCZ is a platform that you might like to explore.

Basically, it will let you synchronize your contact data not only when it comes to different email providers like GMail and Outlook but also as far as different social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are concerned. And the most popular mobile devices of the day are already supported. This includes iPhones and Blackberries along with Android and Windows Mobile phones.

Implementing these synchronization services is a mere matter of signing up and choosing the plug-ins for every service that you want to have the data pulled from. The data is then analyzed and managed. Anything that is there more than once will be consolidated. And you will always be able to keep your contacts in as many different groups as you want, too. Your colleagues and your Facebook friends can be kept each in its separate place.

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