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  • December 21, 2008

Cyn.inPresented by Cynapse, Cyn is a platform for online collaboration. It allows individuals to inter-connect with each other and work together, either via a web-based interface or a desktop client.

The basic aim is to build collaborative knowledge by combining standardized collaboration resources such as wikis, blogs and file repositories.

This solution comes in different configurations, namely “On Demand”, “Enterprise Appliance”, “Desktop Client” and “Open Source”. These are described under the “Get” heading, and the provided information will let you know about which one will suit your organization best. For instance, the “On Demand” application will allow anybody to organize team work without having to worry about IT infrastructure or maintenance issues.

On the other hand, the “Open Source” version is a community appliance that will let anybody customize and improve it by deploying the platform on his network, and fully testing it.

Lastly, the site includes a wealth of information that is geared toward prospective partners, and if you think that applies to you it is possible to sign up online and step right into the action.

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