More – Where Cyclists Socialize

  • August 20, 2010

PedalRoom.comThe appropriately-titled Pedal Room is a social site for cyclists. Here, they can talk with like-minded individuals about bicycles, upload pictures of the ones that they own and have them discussed, and also share their favourite routes.

The idea is that they will find new people not only to interact with online, but also to act as bicycling partners in the physical world.

The site can be browsed using the provided bike search, and also using the featured Google Map to focus everything on the place that you live on. This map lets you see the way in which members of Pedal Room are spread all over the globe, and high density zones are immediately identifiable. Alternatively, you can choose to have a random bike displayed and see who you end up meeting like that.

Joining the site is free, and all accounts come with the same upload and storage capacities. You will be able to show you bicycle to the world in all its splendor by featuring large images, and listing its every spec.

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More – Bikes And Accessories Online

  • May 25, 2008

CompetitiveCyclist.comAre you a competitive cyclist? If so, you should definitely consider visiting, your number one online source for quality bikes, bike accessories and more.

No matter whether you ride a road bike or a mountain bike; here on the site you will find all the items you need in order to cover your cyclist needs. If you are looking for hot new bikes, go to the bike section, select one of the logos to view the brands and check out the bikes available. We all know that buying a professional bike is an important investment; this is why on the site you will find detailed information on each of the bikes offered, so that you can make informed decisions. Apparel, accessories and components are also provided for you to check out; if interested, just explore the different categories and take a look at the products on stock. Be sure to visit the specials section and check out the hot deals offered.

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More – Colorado Cyclist Specialists

  • May 12, 2008

ColoradoCyclist.comLooking for the latest technology in cycling? Are you a professional cyclist who’s looking for the best deals on cyclist accessories? is a cyclist super site, offering the widest range of racing bikes and accessories.

Why choose Colorado Cyclist to handle your cyclist needs? Well, because Colorado Cyclist not only has the best range of products, but it can back it up with expert service and advice. The cyclist super site contains a list of sizing charts to help you get the right bike size, clothing size, glove size, and sock size. Bike brands available include Santa Cruz, Merlin, Niner, Giant, and Scott in the mountain bike range and Merlin, Douglas, Time, Lapierre, Titus, Scott, Giant, Merlin, and Time in the on road bike range. The site also includes a large range of custom wheels for your bike, custom components for your bike, custom apparel for both men and women, and maintenance tools and pumps. If you’re a professional racer and need all the best gear, visit for the widest range.

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