More – Robotics – Web-based, open and free

  • October 3, 2008 is a web-based, open, and free robotics platform.

MakeAffinity is about making, viewing, controlling, sharing, and experiencing constructs across the web.
A construct can be any physical computing system that contains mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electronic, or any physical components. MakeAffinity considers all machines to be constructs, be they toys or serious mechanical stuff. Let your imagination run wild.
MakeAffinity is about robotics for the masses. Users can build and control systems with physical components such as servos, motors, and switches without any computer programming knowledge, do it in minutes and do it transparently over the internet.

The site also lets builders show off their creations, and even more uniquely, gives users the opportunity to make money with their creations. This is just another way of motivating the masses to get involved in robotics.

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More – China Factory Agent

  • July 28, 2008

CyberImport.comIn case you want to import wholesale products, this site might be of help for you. On you will get complete information about this Chinese company of wholesale products. By browsing its catalog you will find lots of products, including sunglasses, heels, earrings, and other fashion clothing, footwear and jewelry products.

Do you like golf and you are looking for affordable golf equipment? If that is your case, enter On this website you will find golf equipment, including golf clubs and golf bags, among other sports equipment. Besides, you can also place and order for quality heels and fashion sunglasses.

Then, if you want to buy cheap wholesale products, enter this site. On you will learn everything about this Chinese company and its catalog of wholesale products. Enter this site to check different categories and order affordable heels, golf equipment and earrings, among other products offered by Cyber Import.

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More – Cyber Haus Web And Book Publishing

  • July 1, 2008

Cyhaus.comAre you looking into getting something published? If the answer is yes then you have probably been looking around for the right service provider for you. There is one company that operates via its web site on the internet that you might consider taking a look at, it offers a wide selection of publishing services to its clients.

The company are called Cyber House and since nineteen ninety six they have been not only printing books and documentation for there clients, but also developing, designing and publishing web sites for there clients as well. There well designed web pages give there visitors the chance to learn more details about the services that they offer, they also have the chance to view examples of the products that they produced in the past as well. The site also offers the chance to purchase many of the books and CD-ROMs that they have produced and a chance to contact the company directly as well.

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CyberAstro.Com – Take Control Of Your Destiny

  • June 5, 2008

CyberAstro.ComCyberAstro.Com has the vision of the promoters was to be able to provide personalized and serious healing and astrological services to a global audience through Internet.

Today, after ten years of operation the website has become the benchmark for all astrology website with more than 350 thousand registered members in 192 countries around the globe. At the left hand side of the homepage you will find some categories that you can use to browse this site. These categories are Astrology Reports, Remedies, Mystic Mall, and Services. At the Astrology Reports section you will find information on career and finance, love and marriage, yearly forecast, transit forecast, lifetime reports, and instant reports. By this website you can take control of your destiny. You can get personalized analysis of Vedic horoscope by their astrologer on career, romance, progeny, and much more. Vedic astrology based on your Natal Chart as well as the horary chart can come up with the most accurate answers for questions. They accuracy will depend on the sincerity as well as the specificity with which the question asked. CyberAstro.Com

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More – Love Searcher

  • May 31, 2008

RealLifeSingles.infoAre you single or married? This website is especially dedicated to single people that are looking for their other half. RealLifeSinlges.

info provides its visitors with a service that will help you finding a girl or a boy depending on your interests and on what you are searching. It’s like a love store, where you will choose the characteristics of the person that you want to know. It’s a bit ridiculous but it’s true, and maybe some people could be very pleased to meet these types of services on the internet. You can choose people with different characteristics, for example catholic ones, black skinned people and many more options. The website has lots of language options so that people from all over the world will be able to enter at this website and look for their dreamed woman or man. This website could be useful for shy people, and mainly for that ones that think that they could have a relationship through the internet.

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More – Meet People Online

  • April 24, 2008

Localhookupz.comIf you are lonely and need a friend you should visit this website. Localhookupz.

com is a website where you can find friends, Cyber friends, pen pals, or even potential boyfriends or girlfriends. You can enter to the site as a guest, or you can register for free, and start searching people. You put your username and password, and that is it. In order to find someone in your area, you enter is it’s a male or female, the age range and the State. Once you enter you will find “Your Hook-up Centre” where you can see who is online and the list with all the members. This list includes pictures and description. You can invite anybody you want to join this website. Once you check who is online, you pick someone from the list, and immediately you will see this person complete profile, and you can start sending messages. It is very easy and free.

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  • March 5, 2008 it defines it self as a family site.

It was founded in 1997, and it has been there ever since. Cyber Parent is a compilation of several websites treating different subjects covering everyday’s life in a family. Everyday new sites are added and the older ones are regularly updated and frequently prolonged. At the end of these pages (most of them at least) you will find a list of books or visuals for additional information on that particular web’s subject. Most of them are classics in their field. When it’s possible, the chosen publications will explore different points of view about the subject in question. You will count with other parent’s opinions and experiences with those sites, so you will have the assurance that they are reliable. You also count with some tips and counsel about daily family situations (or problems) and how to solve them, and activities to unite the family.

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More – Come in and Have Fun!

  • March 2, 2008

CyberKids.comThis is an interesting, healthy, well intentioned, 100% free site for young children (under 14) to log in and have fun in a carefully controlled environment. In it you or your kids will be able to do all sorts of “fun stuff”, like playing games, posting messages, chatting, reading other kids’ messages, and even uploading their own art work to the well categorized gallery.

In terms of design the first thing you will notice about the site is that it is clearly aimed at children; its interface is full of colors and drawings and the links on the sidebar look funny. Nevertheless the site is extremely easy to navigate intuitively. More than anything, this portal offers parents in general, the peaceful feeling that their kids are surfing a secure site considering the things you can find on the internet these days.

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